The fake frogwoman and the nazi treasure

Time for some vintage scuba action from a rather rare TV show!

This scene is 60 years old and one of the very early scenes with scuba action in it.

Story: The hero is blackmailed by an evil guy to retrieve some nazi treasure from a sunken ship. The villain doesn’t trust the good guy of course and sends a frogwoman(!) down with him.


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And here is the video:

Well, this scene offers a LOT! But it also has two major problems….

Let’s start with the good aspects. In 1960 it was still pretty unusual for women to dive, and especially to have/film a scuba fight like that. She looks great in the vintage rubber wetsuit!

I like the sneaky movie from the villain to drop the speargun down to her, even that plan failed as she couldn’t catch it. The close combat between them is well done and I love the idea of him tying her up underwater so he could handle the bad guy on the surface one on one.

And…of course….she looks even better as she surfaces and is still wet in that great outfit 🙂

Now the two big problems I have with that scene:

a) It is filmed in black and white! Ok, even in 1960 that was still rather a normal procedure. But the whole scene would look sooooo much better/sexier in color!


b) the frogwoman turns into a frogMAN underwater! Back in the day, it was (sadly) a rather normal thing that a man would double a woman in an action scene as there were nearly no stuntwomen to do that. However, it is really horrible when that happens!

And here it is verrrry obvious as the evil diver has suddenly no more breasts, and his legs and arms are way too pumped in comparison to the woman on the boat.

Damn, I would love to see a remake of this scene! In color and with a frogWOman underwater.

And then a really long struggle before he manages to defeat her and ties her up underwater.

Wanna know from which movie/TV show this was taken? Here you go:


What do you think of that scene?

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4 thoughts on “The fake frogwoman and the nazi treasure”

  1. Wow! She looked really hot in that diving suit. I can live with it filmed in black and white but I totally get where you are coming from with the male stunt double. They could have got away with that if we at least. Had a couple of close ups of her face in the mask underwater as she struggled or was tied up, but hey it the 1950’s
    I would have loved to know how that woman actor felt wearing that diving suit for the first time ( a rarity for any woman back then) I would love to hear her memoirs of the whole shoot.
    Great scene thanks for posting . It’s a crying shame divers don’t wear this kind of gear any more. Let’s hope the retro look becomes fashionable amongst the dive community.

    • Yeah, some close ups would have been the least they could have done. Indeed!
      But still I would be annoyed by that male body in that female role 😉

    • Off course, I would always send a frogwoman on such a task… I want to see them in action!
      But next time she should be able to catch the speargun…. 😉


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