An underwater treasure not everyone wants to share – Part 1

Time for more vintage scuba with some 80’s diving action!

In this first scene, we have a frogman and a frogwoman who are diving to find an underwater treasure.


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Some of you will like the 80’s scuba gear. I’m not the biggest fan, especially of these colorful wetsuits…. 

But the scene is a nice warm-up for the 2nd scuba scene of this episode.

Let’s just say one of them doesn’t wanna share the treasure with the other one 😉

Here is the IMDB site of this TV show:


As you can see there isn’t even an episode guide for this show. Sadly this remake of the classic Sea Hunt show is only available in VHS quality as it was never released on DVD.

What do you think of that scene? Wanna see the 2nd scuba scene from that episode as well?

Leave a comment below!


2nd part is now available!

11 thoughts on “An underwater treasure not everyone wants to share – Part 1”

  1. The daughter of the new Mike Nelson looks fantastic in these episodes. I recorded this one of the tv broadcast in the 90’s.
    I agree with you that the colors of those wetsuits are very striking 🙂 In addition, asymmetric zippers were usual. Arghhh !!!
    But she looks fantastic and in the second part of the episode there is a scene in the boat, before diving, which I really like. I will comment.

    • How many of these Sea Hunt episodes do you have on VHS?
      Yeah, the second part has some good/better parts. Will upload it on next sunday…most likely.

      • Very few. I think I only keep this one and the one that you already uploaded from the diving lesson of the woman who can’t move her legs.
        Additionally, I think that in this episode of Mike’s daughter, there is a brief initial scene in which he and the girl dive. She wears a shortly blue neoprene jacket …

        • Damn, well, I guess there will never be a release of all the episodes. When a TV show not even has an episode guide on IMDB…. it is very rare 😉
          Yeah, I saw that scene too, but it wasn’t worth a video to me. This first scene isn’t of great interest to me either, but I am sure some will like it much more than I do.
          The second part is MUCH more interesting for me 😉

    • Nice scene, I am not a fan of the wetsuit but at least it’s a full suit and at least she is also wearing a hood.
      Maybe that’s why she is in electric blue suit, so with a hood on audiences could tell which diver was which, apparently I have heated that members of the general public can’t tell one diver from another or man from woman when they are both underwater in full dive gear. ( I don’t know how as my vision is always drawn to a woman in full gear no matter how many men are identically dressed next to her) but hey maybe that’s why women in the movies always wear crappy short gear compared to their male divers.

  2. She looks stunning in that pink and blue combo and I love the way her hair is all damp when she removes her hood.

    Please show us the follow up scene !


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