An underwater treasure not everyone wants to share – Part 2

Time to finish this storyline!

Here is part 1 of the story.

Now our “colorful” frogwoman goes for another scuba dive with that frogman in black.

But something doesn’t feel right about him! What are his plans?

Can she escape his deadly speargun?


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And here is the video:

I decided to delete two short scenes with her father looking for her, but let the other ones in the video as they are kind of important why he is showing up to save her.

Well, the scene does have quite some good aspects!

I do like to see him chasing after her and pinning her there where she can’t escape him. Of course, I would have preferred a scuba fight between HER and the bad guy, but with that speargun pointed at her….it was difficult to even start it for her. It is good that she had the courage of trying to escape him, even her chances would have been much better … my opinion, if she would have attacked him by surprise then to think she would be able to outswim him.

She was really lucky that he didn’t pull the trigger, he had enough time….but maybe he had some doubts about killing her, or was thinking about the available options for him.

The fight between the frogmen was pretty cool, even it was too short.

What I didn’t like was how passive she was as her father fought with the bad guy. But that is typical behavior for most frogwomen in these old movies/TV shows. 🙁

She could (should) have easily helped her father! As the bad guy was occupied with fighting him she could have ripped his mask off….grabbed the speargun…or…or…..or…..

….However, I really like this scene!

Here is the IMDB site of this TV show:


What do you folks think about that scene?

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11 thoughts on “An underwater treasure not everyone wants to share – Part 2”

  1. Agree! At least she can do is help her father on the fight, no staring at it. Well anyway she look great on her colorful wetsuit.

  2. I have to say that other than the fact that her gear isn’t black , that is a very sexy suit and scuba set up she has there.
    I hope she enjoyed wearing it.

  3. I love this episode. The turquoise wetsuit with pink stripe and asymmetrical zipper … she looks very sexy 🙂
    I really like the scene in the boat, when they get ready to dive. When she touches her belts and finally puts her hand on the buckle … Damn! I love that! 🙂

    • If we both would co-directing a scuba movie….you would be responsible for the above surface scenes (suiting up, suiting “off”).
      And I would be in charge of the peril underwater 😉

      • Haha! Obviously we look at different parts of diving. I like scuba diving scenes because they are technically difficult to do. But I always admire the scenes that take time to show us beautiful female characters preparing to dive or get wet from the water: D


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