Recommendation week….reloaded!

Today I’m not very motivated to post anything which is on the way too short list of stuff I could post.

It’s time for some fresh input!

Folks, what can you recommend that isn’t on the blog already?

Any hidden gems that I might not know?

Of course, it has to be something interesting with either:

  • Scuba peril
  • Scuba fights
  • Frogwomen in sexy wetsuits


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On October 22nd the german Blu-ray of Breaking surface will come out and I can finally see that movie!!! I am waiting for that one since February!

And then I can enjoy it in a language I can understand and in the best picture quality. 🙂

I will make a post about the movie shortly after! 😉

41 thoughts on “Recommendation week….reloaded!”

  1. How about more Flipper series? There’s plenty of FFM scenes and also peril

    Then, there’s Reef Doctor, but I never watched it myself. FFM scene too

    Can’t wait for your Breaking Surface post!

    • Oh man, I am getting old….. actually I checked the entire new Flipper series and made a pretty long list with all the interesting scuba scenes.
      Then I posted exactly one scene from that list 3 months ago….and that was it.
      Oh man…. now I made a note on my “stuff I could post” list 😉
      Still trying to get my hands on that Reef Doctors show, no luck so far.
      The reminder to post more Flipper scenes is actually worth a free month for me….thanks!

  2. There’s a scene in a movie Dead in the Water (2018) where 2 women used FFM as an improvised Hazmat (plus wearing thick black gloves) performing an autopsy.

    Might worth to check for the FFM alone. At the end of the 3rd scene (3 separate scenes) something happened (some kind of creature in the corpse), then suddenly one of the woman said she couldn’t breathe, she’s panicking, trying to remove the FFM. Might be the air had depleted and she’s suffocating ?

  3. Another suggestion is from movie Fool’s Gold, where Kate Hudson scuba dive multiple times. At the climax of the movie she’s in some sort of peril where the bad guy asked her to get the treasure or something and only give her a low-volume dive mask (and then her partner Matthew McConaughey with scuba gear came to her rescue)

  4. Another one, not sure if you have done any of it, but from movie Into The Blue (and sequels)

    Jessica Alba and Ashley Scott dive a lot here, either free diving or scuba. My most favourite part was when Ashley Scott dive with AGA FFM (but sadly just one or two shots showing her face) and got attacked by shark

    • Thanks for these other reco’s but I know all of them. Have posted Fool’s Gold and Into the blue over the years. Dead in the water I haven’t posted. Checked the scene, and wasn’t convinced to post it. Perhaps I should take it on the list.

  5. Their is a scene in New flipper where the old Captain (i dont remeber his name) and a Woman in pink wetsuit getting trapped in a wreck and had to be rescued

  6. There are two I can think of , both TV adverts involving very sexy ladies in full length Black smooth skin wetsuit Hood mask And gloves.
    One is an advert from 1995 for Woolmark, in it a woman in swims to a yacht in full gear , sneaks on board opens a safe and steels a pearl necklace, before stripping off her suit and escaping from the boat ( which is moored to the land) wearing the necklace and a red dress, the short version of this advert is on YouTube
    LWT Adverts 1995 (15)
    But I remember a much longer version of this advert from back then with a lot more scenes of her swimming and sneaking round in her sexy diving suit, though admittedly I have been unable to locate this version.
    The other one was an advert ( again in the uk on ITV) for a ladies body spray called Stowaway, This advert was shown way back in 1979/ 80 and had a woman Diver emerge from the sea in front of men fishing on the shore , she is dressed in full vintage dive gear , and I mean the lot! Full black smooth skin wetsuit with zip down the front / gloves / hood / mask and twin hose regs . She stride out of the surf and on to a tropical beach Were she proceeds to strip off all her gear and dump it on the sand, she then unzips the breast pocket of her discarded wetsuit to retrieve a small bottle of the Stowaway perfume, she sprays herself liberally with it then walks of down the beach in a white dress, her long black her blowing in the breeze and her sexy gear abandoned without a backward glance.
    Unfortunately I have not been able to find this advert anywhere ( nor have I seen it since around 1980)
    but this is the one that gave me a frog woman fetish in the first place, so if anyone has seen this one ore knows of it , it would be a fantastic addition to your collection.

    • Hmh…. someone mentioned these adverts in the past already 😉
      The Stowaway one is in the “Wanted” section…but no one seems to know where to find it 🙁

  7. oh man, if this was recommending scuba scenes in anime I would gave you a bunch.

    but so far (some thanks to scuba snooper) I have

    jaws 3 (1983) I believes there are some scuba woman scenes

    killer fish (1973) oh theres definitely a scene featuring women in a hot scuba suit, hood and all

    Sunburn (1979) features a woman scuba diving to sneak on a boat

      • darn it.

        wasn’t there a scuba story of a scuba girl cave diving in a japanese talk show. I think I showed you a link a long time ago

        I actually do remember there was once on youtube a japanese detective drama with scuba scene featuring a scuba girl finding a drowned scuba woman then pursues the culprit underwater.

        • “a scuba girl cave diving in a japanese talk show”
          That sounds quite….odd 😉
          Well, if you send me the link I guess I wasn’t so happy with the scene….otherwise I would have posted it or at least remember such a scene.

          The other scene sounds nice, not sure if I have seen it or not.

          Thanks for the comment!

          • hey there, I’m afraid I fear the clips I recommend may of disappeared

            however to make up my folly I found something interesting, from a egyptian drama called Rayah Al Madam its 17 episode features scuba diving

            not to mention a scuba (even though its brief) scene in a power rangers episode with the monster goo fish

          • Thanks for the recos!
            Check the egyptian drama….seems like a really bad soap-comedy-opera. Nothing interesting to see there for my taste.
            Couldn’t find the Power Ranger scene on a youtube search.

    • Karen black looks sooo hot in her scuba suit in killer fish,it should almost be illegal! it was the best bit of the whole film, I am grateful they had the brilliant idea to put the scene in this lacklustre film but really sad that it was only one scene and she dumped her sexy gear in the lake after the dive.

  8. Kuestenwache
    most of these episodes can be found in youtube but nobody has bothered to go through all the episodes. Bound to have some scuba action.

    Brink (2018), chinese movie has some sausage fest but the scenes are worth the mention.
    Deep blue (2020), cant find this anywhere

    • Thanks for the recos!

      I posted scenes from Küstenwache and Traumschiff. To my knowledge that are the good ones. There are more but without anything interesting.
      Perhaps I should investigate Kuestenwache a little more, not 100% sure that I uploaded all good scenes.
      Will check Brink and Deep Blue (if I find it)!

  9. SAF3
    Episode 19 Smokepipe’
    “a diver is trapped in an underwater intake pipe, members of SAF3 must risk their own lives to set him free”

    • Hmh, I remember that scene. But I don’t think it was on my blog.. After all it’s a nice scene, but nothing really exciting. No action or peril. Sure, the wetsuit is not bad. I don’t delete any posts normally as I spend time on making them. Sometimes the videos get blocked after a while. But then I normally upload the scene elsewhere. Thanks for the link!

      • 2 others that you used to have are the longer version of Paula Prentiss & Maria Perschy in ‘Man’s Favourite Sport?’, & the scuba scene from ‘Rana- The Secret Of Shadow Lake AKA ‘Croaked- Frog Monster From Hell’, but both of those have disappeared from both your site & You Tube.

        • Man’s favorite Sport is still here:

          It isn’t on Youtube anymore since it was blocked….but it is on Google Drive in a long version (over 6 minutes)

          I can’t find the other one on the blog. I checked the movie and am 99% sure I never posted about it on the blog, since the scuba scene is pretty dark and the picture quality pretty bad (VHS-rip)
          But she is in wetsuit underwater and runs around it on the surface for quite some time, so I will put in on the fast growing list of things to post.
          Thanks! A free month is on the way to you.

  10. The scenes from ‘Revenge of the creature (1955)’ where ‘Lori Nelson’ is scuba diving in the tank with the creature wearing a vintage white swimsuit, twin hose…??

    • Actually she is wearing an early scuba full mask with single hose…I checked 😉
      Thanks for the reco.! I know that one for a long time and never really thought about posting it. But I guess I put it on the “post this when low on material to post”-list. 😆
      I am a fan of vintage scuba gear but black and white kills a lot of the fun for me. Otherwise I would have posted much more from Sea hunt…. Hmh, perhaps I will do that in the future, some good scenes should be that would be worth posting.

      • Honestly, some of the women in sea hunt look totally amazing in their full vintage gear, I know it’s black and white but to be fair the wetsuits are already black, I would love to see some more of those scenes.

        • They do indeed! And yeah, the have even the black wetsuits that I love. But the black rubber looks SO much sexier to me when in color. To me black and white is a big turn-off.
          And yet, Sea hunt has great scenes to offer….but they would be so much better if they were in color.
          That’s why I need to make a remake of this TV show at some point where I am a rich guy by some accident. 😆
          And this time….the main character would be a woman off course 😉

          • And despite being a new full colour hi definition show, all her dive gear would still be vintage, no bulky BC and minimal gauges.
            Black one piece full suit / black hood gloves and boots , black fins / black oval mask and of course the twin hose regs……….
            I think you should start Crowd funding For the pilot.

  11. There’s an early 80s series called 240 Robert that has some scuba scenes. There are copies of the episodes floating around. Someone mentioned the SAF3 episode “Smokepipe” send me a PM Siggi and maybe I can make you a copy of the episode. I have a ton of scuba clips going back many years.

    • I know about 240 robert, I think I did upload at least one scene. Overall I wasn’t very impressed with the scuba scenes back then, perhaps I should check again.
      Thanks for the reco.!

  12. I don’t know if I have mentioned this one before, but there was an American series in the late 70’s early 80’s called Salvage One. One of the characters in it is a woman engineer who I am sure wears a wetsuit and dive gear in several scenes, though I can’t remember which episodes.

    • Thanks for the reco.! Yeah I know that one, uploaded one scene with her where she is on the surface.
      If I remember right the other scenes were uninteresting to me back then as I checked them.


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