The frogwoman who sneaked on a ship

It wasn’t easy to edit this video together for you folks, because the director of the movie used many, many cuts…. But it was worth it 😉

I edited all scenes with this frogwoman together so that you won’t miss anything.

In this video a frogwoman in a fantastic outfit (great, sexy modern wetsuit) enters a ship to steal some serious money…but of course she gets caught 😉

[In the previous post you see 2 promo pictures from this movie]


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

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Good to know that there are still new, sexy (modern) wetsuits…..

Of course I could imagine some ways to improve that scene even more…but these days these scuba/wetsuit scenes are so rare…so I’m pretty happy about it.

Your opinion?

In case you don’t know from which movie these scenes are:

movie title

3 thoughts on “The frogwoman who sneaked on a ship

  1. Not sure how you could make the scene better, but the fight scene was pretty poor! They could have shown more of the wetsuit also!

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