The frogwoman who sneaked on a ship

It wasn’t easy to edit this video together for you folks, because the director of the movie used many, many cuts…. But it was worth it 😉

I edited all scenes with this frogwoman together so that you won’t miss anything.

In this video a frogwoman in a fantastic outfit (great, sexy modern wetsuit) enters a ship to steal some serious money…but of course she gets caught 😉

[In the previous post you see 2 promo pictures from this movie]


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Good to know that there are still new, sexy (modern) wetsuits…..

Of course, I could imagine some ways to improve that scene even more…but these days these scuba/wetsuit scenes are so rare…so I’m pretty happy about it.

Your opinion?

In case you don’t know from which movie these scenes are:

movie title


9 thoughts on “The frogwoman who sneaked on a ship”

  1. Not sure how you could make the scene better, but the fight scene was pretty poor! They could have shown more of the wetsuit also!

  2. Did you know that this sequence was inspired by one of my pictures? The director had seen a picture I took of Frogwoman Tatjana in her beavertail suit with yellow diving weights and wanted the very same look for this sequence. I even sold them the wetsuits that she wears in this film.

    • No kidding? Well, you have some really sexy wetsuits and really beautful women in it. So, it doesn’t surprise me much to read this. Thanks for the info!

  3. Probably, the only movie with a scene in which a woman in beaver tail wetsuit is shot by a weapon in history …

  4. I thought she died. But having watched the whole film on TV tonight, it turns out she survived- it’s her (Gina) sitting by the pool, transferring the money to Frank & his dad at the end of the film.


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