Hard hat diver in trouble – [female Baywatch Scuba scenes in HD #2]

Time for more Baywatch in HD!

In this scene a hard hat diver is stuck underwater and needs to be rescued! A case for the Baywatch lifeguards 😉

One female and one male diver try to rescue to diver before it is too late…

And I included the “above the surface shots” of our wetsuited female diver.


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And here is the video:

Well, first he gets trapped underwater and then he rips open his suit and thereby flooding his helmet….. he is either a VERY unlucky guy, or just plain incompetent 😉

But ok, in that way we has a reason to get saved by the baywatch divers. And even it is not a rubber wetsuit…I especially love women in black wetsuits.

In my version he would only pretend to be trapped underwater and only she would come to his “rescue”.

Than we would have a nice scuba fight for live and death. And after a long struggle she barely survives his evil attack.

What do you think of that scene?

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Wanna know from which episode this scene is?


Investigating underwater + drowning battle – [female Baywatch Scuba scenes in HD #1]

[1st post for today]

Ok folks, time for a new long-term project! Recently the famous Baywatch series became available in HD! So, no more need for these old DVD-quality scenes (at best) 🙂

And to celebrate that, I will upload EVERY female scuba scenes from that series in the next weeks/months in HD (if that scene is longer than a couple of seconds).

For starters I got the first scuba scene from the series with a female diver!

Story: A male swimmer was drowned by a male diver. The female lifeguards blames herself for his death (not knowing he was in fact killed).

Together with Mitch she tries to find out more and goes on a dive at the spot where the old man was drowned.

Later the real killer shows up and wants her dead!


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And here is the video:

Well, a really good episode!

We have a scuba dive, a scene on the beach in scuba gear and a little “drowning battle” at the end. Not bad for a single episode 🙂

Of course I would have prefered that battle to take place underwater in scuba gear…..but well, I know that scuba scenes costs a lot and scuba fights are tough to make.

So, we can’t really complain about the way the did it.

Wanna know from which episode this is?


What do you think about that scenes?

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