A female scuba diver stuck underwater….and a public “nuisance”

Time for another post!

This video could have been only half as long, as the 2nd part is the scuba scene….but for ….reasons….I think it’s nice to start the video a little earlier 😉


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And here is the video:

Yeah, these Baywatch guys have a really nightmarish job 😆

And that father was really annoyed as hell about that view 😉

The peril scene is short but quite good. In at least some moments it looks as if only the forward part of her fin is stuck under the rock (however it got stuck there?!?).

So, she should be able to get out of her fin on her own. But either she wanted to save that fin at all costs (the Baywatch guy leaves it there) or her whole foot is supposed to be stuck under it.

However….it’s a classic peril scenario! Personally, I would prefer to see her in a wetsuit instead of a bikini…..but well, tastes are different.

Wanna know from which episode this is?


What do you think of these scenes?

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4 thoughts on “A female scuba diver stuck underwater….and a public “nuisance””

  1. Love the clip, it’s amazing how two guys without scuba gear and masks armed only with great teeth and a sun tan can do more than a trained diver and her buddy with full gear and knives.

      • It’s a little sarcastic. Two qualified divers couldn’t solve this problem with time/ air/ the ability to see clearly underwater and dive knives for leverage.
        They seem to be in water about 3 meters in depth just off the beach. Yet they are completely hopeless to the task. The only thing they have in common? There both helpless women, thankfully this is bay watch so the guys are there to save the day with nothing but a good tame, decent dentistry and their masculinity.
        Don’t get me wrong it’s still a fun clip but those ladies were so pathetic I’m amazed the put their fins on the right way round.
        Still it’s nice to see the out of air scene.

        • Yeah, the classic, helpless women in distress cliche peril scenario.
          Plus how the hell get she stuck under that rock? Was it falling onto her foot? 😆
          From where? No bigger rocks nearby…
          Also, as I mentioned, in some scenes it looks like only the forward half of her fin would be stuck.
          So, why can’t she get her foot out of it and swim away? 😉


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