A frogwoman trapped in a cave! [female Baywatch Scuba scenes in HD #17]

And another female scuba scene from Baywatch in HD! And it is the last one until seasons 10 and 11 are finally available in HD.

I made two videos with nearly 5 minutes each, it is a pretty loooooong scene and it offers quite a good peril situation πŸ˜‰

Preview 1:

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Video 1:


Preview 2:

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Video 2:

Ok, let’s start with the bad aspects of these scenes, typical Baytwach stuff:

She hits the wall of the cave with her tank and suddenly a lot of loose rocks are coming down everywhere?

A boat equipped for diving AND a Baywatch rescue boat combined ….don’t have a single full scuba tank? Good planning… πŸ˜†

And of course, AS USUAL, every time someone gets trapped underwater he/she has only a few minutes of air left. πŸ˜‰

As she pulls her regulator out, it still provides a LOT of bubbles…doesn’t seem completely empty. And why didn’t the diver offer her rescuer the regulator? She is down there without a tank!

(*Edit*: Ok, the last sentence was my mistake as it would be fatal for a freediver…more info in the comments)

OK, but let’s focus on the good parts:

She looks great in that dive skin suit! A hot woman in a wet, skin-tight suit…. the lucky guy who can dive with her!

I love the silver metallic regulator of her, looks great in her mouth, especially as she is trapped and grunting and cursing into it. πŸ™‚

I would have added a little more drama to the scene. Half a minute before the rescuer arrives she runs out of air, desperately sucking on the regulator with wide-open eyes. It doesn’t give her any more air so she yanks it out and starts to panic. Right then the other woman arrives, realizes that the diver is out of her, and provides her with air with a long mouth to mouth. Then they escape the cave and get air from the -pretty useless in this scene- dudes. πŸ™‚

Here is the episode in which you can find these scenes:


What do you think of these scenes?

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12 thoughts on “A frogwoman trapped in a cave! [female Baywatch Scuba scenes in HD #17]”

  1. Another great bay watch scene on scuba diving,
    She looks really hot in that diving suit.
    I am really impressed by the way she unclips her BC to free herself but also takes the time to unzip the front of her diving suit as well???
    Maybe she knew there were two men waiting at the cave entrance for her(and a girl has to look her best)
    I love that the two men help her but don’t even offer their cylinder to the free diver ( she has done all this on one lung full) and once they run out they just ditch their cylinders ( coz you can always buy new ones later)
    You really gotta love bay watch.
    Another great scene thanks for posting it.

  2. Love this scene. Especially the scuba diving scene. One lucky dude. No boner again, what with the baywatch dude, they scuba diving with some of the beautiful woman in the series. ?

    PS. There’s another scene of this freediving scene mehgan grier wearing a yellow diving skin suit.

  3. Love the scene when her dive buddy insist that they have low air on there scuba tank, but she wrap her arm around him to reconsider to dive again, well who can’t a resist the temptation of scuba diving with her, I would. Can you Imagine you are in that scenario. A women in her wet dive suit wrap around your shoulder whispering your ears.

  4. You can’t give a regulator to a freediver at depth, their lungs haven’t gradually expanded as when you scuba dive. If a freediver breathes from a regulator at depth, they would burst their lungs immediately. That’s for example why the safety diver for Audrey Mestre didn’t offer her air during her fatal freedive. So that part is actually accurate.

    That said, this is a very nice scene. I remember watching it when I was a little girl and it probably helped push me into being interested in scuba diving and freediving etc. It sounds like they added some extra bubble sounds when the diver breathes underwater, which is a bit funny. Don’t know why they did that.

    • Thanks for the info, will edit that in my post!
      I’m pretty sure there are quite a lot of people who got interested in scuba diving because of Baywatch. After all the show offered quite a lot in most seasons. πŸ™‚

    • Yes, That fatal record attempt. There was documentary on it. There was a argument why the safety diver did not offer an air. I remember the husband tried to rescue his wife in the end it was futile.

      For me the baywatch represent the wrong way scuba diving, that’s just me. ?

      Anyway it’s a great scene. I never taught a women in this group, happy to have you ? Thescubagirl

  5. That whole accident involved the sad death of Audrey Mestreis plagued with controversy.( her husband was something of a jealous control freak)
    To my mind I believe a free diver can take are of a Reg at depth but they must then exhale before ascending, and if they spend any length of time down there breathing from the Reg they will need to gradually ascend with safety stops so need to stay on the Reg from there onwards.
    But I may be wrong on this The Scuba Girl.

    • That could possibly work I suppose, but a freediver’s lungs are very compressed far down. I’d imagine quick lung expansion from breathing in pressurized air would have a lot of risks involved by itself. And then there are the issues of decompression etc, although they never seem to care much about that in Baywatch.

  6. That’s because they are in 3 meters of water in a tank on a film set.
    I agree that the in-scrunching of the lungs from something the size of a coke can might be unpleasant, but it would be better than drowning, also the size the lungs compress to would depend on how deep the free diver is rather than how long they have been holding their breath ( like bay watch, 3 mins at 3 meters). But I agree with you The Scub Girl that it would not be advisable .


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