Regarding video 32 of my Project F…

Video 32 of my Project F will be released here tomorrow in the VIP club.

But… I have a special treat for you folks!

All who are in the VIP club… or will join in the next 24 hours will receive an email with a link to the video.

(after that it will be linked in the VIP club)

I will send out emails within the next few minutes to those who are in the VIP club.

I am doing that for two reasons:

1) As a little bonus for the VIP club members you get it one day before the schedule

…and more importantly:

2) …so that you can see the video… without having seen any pictures, the trailer, or my blog post

I think it’s a nice bonus feature if certain elements of this video come to you as a SURPRISE.

Don’t expect anything too insanely awesome, but that video certainly sticks out in comparison to all the 31 videos before 😉

And I’m looking forward to how you guys like it!

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