Sharks! And a frogwoman who gets sucked in! [female Baywatch Scuba scenes in HD #14]

Hah! That’s a title πŸ˜‰

This video will be pretty ….bizarre!

We have a frogwoman and a frogman on a dive.

We have tons of “sharks”.

And a merciless suction pipe!

How does that all fit together?

Well, check it out!




Here is the video:

(click to enlarge)

Wow! Isn’t that bizarre?

We have at least 4(!) kinds of evil, very aggressive sharks in one place…WTF! (stock footage of course).

With the classic… “shark-movie” behavior. (#bullshit)

And a really embarrassing 10$ plastic(?) shark for the “attack” on the metal grid.

But the writers needed a reason why the divers would enter the merciless suction pipe πŸ˜‰

And so the real problems start…

Of course, they are quite some scenes of them trapped in that place, but, without any use of scuba gear.

But, if you are into …drowning peril without scuba gear…you might find a scene or two πŸ˜‰

But that wouldn’t fit here on this scuba blog.

Wanna know which episode of Baywatch this is?


What do you think of these scenes?

Leave a comment below!




7 thoughts on “Sharks! And a frogwoman who gets sucked in! [female Baywatch Scuba scenes in HD #14]”

  1. That is one cunning and deadly shark, especially the way it manages to change species 6 times during the attack.
    I love the way she also loses her dive mask and nearly sheds all her scuba gear in the pipe, it’s a good thing it stopped when it did or I recon she would have been naked within about 2 minutes.
    Thanks for posting another great scene, I am amazed any of them are allowed to go diving in bay watch , it always seems to go horribly wrong when they do.

    • I guess it’s is supposed to be different sharks, since there are so many (and we see a lot of them in one picture).
      But however you turn it….it is an extremely odd scene πŸ˜†
      Yeah, normally the folks who go diving in this show…need help….as soooo many things go wrong πŸ˜‰

      • Love this scene. Especially the surface scene the way the diveskin fit her she is so hot. Then the underwater when they encounter the shark, when she wrap her arm on his side arm. That makes me hard on. Lucky guy when she press herself to him because she is afraid.

        I notice the way the swim. It’s seem they are not conserving energy. Anyway you can see that they are in the swimming pool. Still a good scene.

        Kelly packard is hot on her lycra dive skin. It seem some people mistaken that she wear a wetsuit. It’s a lycra dive skin.

          • Yup. Leaving her dumb BF/dive buddy in the pipe. You already heard he love scuba diving so I assume he know what he doing he’s a pro. He already have boat and fish finder and he assumes it’s a big fish. Well it’s baywatch there’s always a rescue?. I will not risk my life for him on his dumb decision it is a open ocean of course there’s a big shark. He did not take a precaution for her. They just jump without any speargun. They have both knife use it for the shark to protect her. He did not.

            This will by fetish scenario ?

            I just swim around alone with my speargun, also wearing my lycra diveskin of coarse?. I saw kelly clinging her life to the pipe cage. I will wait for the pipe to turn off. Then open the gate, grab her immediately. Then signal me she is out of air. Then I gave her my reg. then slow remove her BC and remove her weight belt perfectly sexy waist. Then caress her shoulder and body in her diveskin. Then she calm down, I will wrap my arm around her waist by my side close as possible?. Then will surface slowly and deco stop for a while. Still in my arm. Then head to my boat if she insist to rescue her BF. I will do it. But I will not go in the pipe. I will wait for her dead BF to surface. Then I will swim back with her dead BF. She will burst in tear. Still on her wet diveskin, she will cry on my shoulder and I will caress her body for her comfort and me. Then few month I will date her and scuba with her while wearing her diveskin. That would be my scenario.

    • For me baywatch especially the scuba scene describe in two reality. The right and wrong, the tv show and reality of scuba diving.

      First the baywatch cast male especially the women look great on there wetsuit and lycra diveskin perfectly sexy on them. Especially when they gear up. But today diet people starting to get overweight. I base my wetsuit and lycra diveskin fetish on baywatch sexiness and some some scuba model.

      Lastly the way they scuba diving in baywatch like you said your amazes they let them dive. They surface with any deco stop. They swim around with conserving there energy, they swim too fast. Lucky none of the drowned. They represent wrong about scuba. Well it’s Hollywood. You have to make interesting to the viewer. ?


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