The frogwoman ….and the sneaky, evil dive buddy

It’s time for another great scuba peril scene!

A scene, that I didn’t understand fully until I saw the whole episode, thanks to a very nice guy.

A little knowledge is needed to know exactly what is going on.

The story before the scene (if you know a certain episode from the Sea Hunt TV show, you should remember that storyline 😉 :

Due to an accident, a woman can’t really use her legs anymore. A private diving teacher is hired by her husband.

The leg movement in the water should help her to slowly regain control over her legs.

One day the husband takes her to a dive, even she isn’t really ready yet.

But he is looking after her…and dives deeper and deeper with her….


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Wow, what a bastard!

Tries to drown his own wife, who isn’t able (due to her condition) to fight back…

But luckily …his evil plan gets foiled.

And I’m pretty sure the actor (or stunt diver) is….looking forward to the drowning scene. If you check at around 0:24….he seems…well…. “excited”. 😆

The scuba fight scene isn’t bad either, could have been longer, but it’s a nice addition to the “scuba peril” scene before.

She isn’t shown in scuba gear on the surface just before or after this dive.

Wanna know from which TV show this is?


The episode has “Murder” in the title. I guess …it may be labeled “Murder at 60 feet” like the original episode from the original Sea Hunt show.

What do you think of this scene?

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10 thoughts on “The frogwoman ….and the sneaky, evil dive buddy”

    • That is the best scuba peril scene I know from the Sea hunt remake. But perhaps, one day, I will have the chance to see all episodes.

        • Well, due to her condition, as she can’t really move her legs…that is difficult.
          And back in the 80’s there were only very few ass-kicking women in TV.

          • True. She have a disability. At least she could help out. Instead she swim away, she watch the two fight. Those day women scuba diver love to be damsel distress and frogwoman against frogmen we all know what happen the men getting upper hand on underwater fight with a women. Only few tv series were women win a scuba fight against men. Anyway love the scene.

            If I was the husband I should give her half scuba tank of air. Then give a faulty indicator. Then swim on wreck at least not on a open water and not a shallow water. So she could swim up. Or at least bought a speargun in case someone show up. Just my imagination ?.

            By the way this one same episode on original sea hunt much more dark the husband drown on the end at least this one they let him swim up. If I was there I will grab him not to let him surface for trying to kill us both ? just my scenario.

          • Some naughty ideas 😉
            A wreck would offer quite some possibilities for sure. Like in “Einladung zum Mord” (video number 5 in my hall of fame):
            First he tries to drown her by grabing her mouthpiece (like in this case), but she recovers it! He rips of her air hose and locks her up in the wreck.

  1. She looks great underwater with her diving gear. There is a scene in this episode in which she is on the beach dressed in her wetsuit and sitting in a chair, after the lesson with the protagonist.
    And this episode is a remake of the original series of the 50’s 60’s. Although the original the student wore black rubber wetsuit 🙂


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