Vintage frogwoman wants to retrieve some stolen diamonds! [Sea Hunt classic]

I noticed that there is very little Sea Hunt content here on the blog, that has to change!

Also… I’m a bit low on new material as well.

Only 2 scenes from the original and 2 scenes from the 80s remake are on the blog.



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Here is the video:

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Watch the video before you continue!

Interesting how her black scuba hood changes into a white bathing cap underwater at the beginning 😉 #continuationerror

Yeah, the picture quality isn’t great and it’s black and white… but still, I love such scenes from that awesome show!

She looks great in that vintage black rubber wetsuit! Plus the double hose regulator on top 🙂

The viewer already learns one of the most important rules of scuba diving in this one.

It’s a great scenario to have this woman learning to scuba dive for some criminal actions.

Even she just is there to retrieve the diamonds. Lucky for her she gets away with it in the end.

I guess if a guy would have done it… the two wouldn’t have let him get away with it 😉

All in all a good early episode with a lot of female scuba diving.

Wanna know the episode name?


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The frogwoman ….and the sneaky, evil dive buddy

It’s time for another great scuba peril scene!

A scene, that I didn’t understand fully until I saw the whole episode, thanks to a very nice guy.

A little knowledge is needed to know exactly what is going on.

The story before the scene (if you know a certain episode from the Sea Hunt TV show, you should remember that storyline 😉 :

Due to an accident, a woman can’t really use her legs anymore. A private diving teacher is hired by her husband.

The leg movement in the water should help her to slowly regain control over her legs.

One day the husband takes her to a dive, even she isn’t really ready yet.

But he is looking after her…and dives deeper and deeper with her….


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And here is the video:

Wow, what a bastard!

Tries to drown his own wife, who isn’t able (due to her condition) to fight back…

But luckily …his evil plan gets foiled.

And I’m pretty sure the actor (or stunt diver) is….looking forward to the drowning scene. If you check at around 0:24….he seems…well…. “excited”. 😆

The scuba fight scene isn’t bad either, could have been longer, but it’s a nice addition to the “scuba peril” scene before.

She isn’t shown in scuba gear on the surface just before or after this dive.

Wanna know from which TV show this is?


The episode has “Murder” in the title. I guess …it may be labeled “Murder at 60 feet” like the original episode from the original Sea Hunt show.

What do you think of this scene?

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