Scuba and wetsuit scenes from “Der Hai von Mallorca” [SOS Barracuda movie series]

So, the 2nd movie of the SOS Barracuda series was aired yesterday.

From the description and pictures, there were surely male scuba scenes in it.

But luckily, there is a female scuba scene in it as well in the very beginning of the flick!

Also longer and much more interesting than the tiny scuba scene in the first one:

The scuba scenes were oddly edited together with some scenes at the airport, so I edited that stuff out of the video as it was most annoying during the scuba scene.


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

(*EDIT* After over this year it was now taken down on Youtube…. had to post it elsewhere)

This was the only female scuba scene in the movie.

Ok, as much as I love to see some frogwomen in peril, there is SO much going wrong in this scene!

  • Ok, it can happen that you dive against some rocks as she does but the way she does it, it shouldn’t damage the valve(?) like that from the angle she hits the rocks.
  • Also, there are bubbles coming from nearly every direction :lol:. How is that supposed to happen? Ok, the valve is (seemingly) broken but it looks like she is leaking air in quite a lot of different places! Most bizarre!
  • Ok, let’s say this happens to you as a diver. You could continue to breathe as long as the tank isn’t empty and ascend slowly. If you are then out of air you could make an emergency ascend. Or better, just wait for your buddy to reach you in the first place. That situation shouldn’t be dangerous at all with the buddy close by. But what does she do? She doesn’t use any of her 2 regulators, she doesn’t ascend, she doesn’t swim towards her buddy. She seemingly spits out her regulator and then calmly is waiting to drown!?! Surely she is surprised of how quickly she loses her air reserves, but her reaction doesn’t make any sense at all.
  • This is SO odd, who thinks of such a scene? Pretty sure no one involved with the script had any knowledge of scuba diving. Or the writer was just going to create a dangerous situation for he could be able to rescue her, which is later in the movie an important plot point… matter how crazy it is.

However, as much there is to criticize, I do like the scene. Certainly a nice, odd addition to the collection.

And in general, it’s never wrong to have a scene where oxygen is escaping like that. The audio alone is…… 😉

Odd little detail:

They are using scuba gear from Mares. Whenever the whole lettering is visible it gets blurred, so you can’t really see it very well.

Although you know in any case that “Mares” is lettered there.

Especially in other scenes, it’s most obvious that they tried to hide the fact that this is Mares equipment (very unsuccessful though! 😆 )

Why did they do that?

My only explanation is that Mares was perhaps ashamed of being involved in this movie?

Perhaps they thought it would be bad publicity…..


In another 2 weeks, the next movie is shown and then I can make a longer cut with improved picture quality of this one:

What do you think of these scenes?

Let me know and leave a comment!





7 thoughts on “Scuba and wetsuit scenes from “Der Hai von Mallorca” [SOS Barracuda movie series]”

  1. It’s too bad they didn’t film this better either, the flailing and panic would have been great if they had captured an image of her face or stoped shaking the camera long enough!

    • Yep, can’t imagine how they thought about this scene to make it as they did.
      Really odd.
      But I liked the escaping air scenario and sounds. 😉

  2. Scene with cute girl and wetsuit but that could have been filmed MUCH better. Of course, it’s not easy to create a situation of underwater danger without fighting or enemies, but here they could really do better. Some shots and a few moment of music seem to want to remember the famous scene of movie “The black widow”, but certainly have much lower results. However I agree that it is a good addition to the collection.

    • Yeah, the classic thing to do would be to trap her underwater somehow with very little air left, which seems somehow a running gag for me after having seen it so often.
      I love the idea of the valve getting smashed which isn’t often very often. And I certainly love the sounds that come with it! 😉
      But in this case, they just executed it badly.
      Black Widow certainly plays in another league as it has one of the best scuba peril scenes ever.

  3. I think she looked amazing in that full front zip wetsuit and all that gear, the accident ( while filmed badly) was an interesting one ( though I have never seen air levels drop from a cylinder so quickly without blowing up a large shark) I would have hoped in reality she felt really embarrassed at the end of such a short and catastrophic dive but she had a look of post coital satisfaction on her face when she surfaces and he removes her mask, maybe this is her thing all along

    • Hmh, an interesting explanation for her behaviour! 😉
      Well, as I mentioned in the post her whole actions underwater make no sense (how she reacts).
      And yeah, the scene on the surface is quite odd as well.
      She is way too calm and he just smiles, doesn’t ask how it happened and so on….
      Perhaps it was her way of allowing him to rescue her. Even the way she damages her tank is rather hard to achieve 😆
      Would be interesting to know how long it actually takes to empty a tank with such a damaged valve.
      In a video I once saw that it took about 2 minutes to empty a tank by cutting the air hose.
      I guess it would be a little faster with a damaged valve….but yeah, most probably not as fast as in the movie.

      • If the cylinder emptied that fast it would have been like having a rocket strapped to your back.
        I think I agree with you, this whole accident was something of a role play fore them both?


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