Female scuba diver gets attacked and drowned by evil diver [S.O.S. Barracuda]

*EDIT February 21, 2021:*

You can find a longer version that is in HD quality here:



Ok, now it is finally time to present this (until now… very rare) gem. After I saw some images of this show…I know immediately that I must see the scenes to the pictures.

I started a post in which I asked if anybody would have a video of that scene. Luckily I got a pretty quick response and got several videos and pictures along with explanations.

THANK you very MUCH “D.” !!! 🙂

And now it is time to share this with you folks! Thanks for subscribing to my youtube channel and for all the patience!

One last thing: This is his original video, I didn’t edit it in any way to avoid any image quality loss and to show “his” video. He recorded it on VHS and edited/cutted it with “primitive” (his words) tools afterwards.

He doesn’t have the complete scene without cuts anymore.


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

…HD video available in the newer post, check the link above…

READ this AFTER you watched the video!

First some selected (translated) background information from him:

“A german dive couple dives to a place where some jewels are hidden (The “Tränen der Kleopatra” (title of this S.O.S. Barracuda movie)).

But they are not alone. The evil diver attacks her from behind and cuts her air hose. Afterwards the evil diver battles her dive buddy and is forced to the surface.

Later she is found by some members of the “Barracuda” (police ship).

My opinion on all this:

– points:

The struggle between her and the attacker is much too short. The camera work is too fast and too shaky. We don’t see very much of her….

Many “mistakes”: Her tanks empties so fast…. if she had more than a few % of her air left…that’s mistake. It should take much longer until she is out.

She doesn’t fight back and her only action is to use the octopus.

And why is her dive buddy suddenly so far away from her? He was pretty close as he was cutting these cables.


+ points:

First of all, this is the ONLY scene I know (in a movie or TV series) where a female diver is attacked…her air hose gets cut…AND she actually drowns afterward. In every other scene with an air hose cut…the female diver always survive. This aspect makes it unique! GREAT! A real big + point!

After he drowned we get to see a lot of scenes of her dead body. That is very rare too.

I guess many will love all these “death stare” scenes. And let’s be honest: I do ….like them….somehow. (But my main interest is to see the struggle before the drowning)

I do really like this video! It misses key elements (struggle/fight) for me….BUT it offers a LOT! Very unique stuff….

Title of the movie:


Some more pictures:

What do you think?

Feel welcome to leave your comment below!

P.S.: He did another video with about 14 minutes with his highlights of the scene in slow motions.

Would you folks be interested in that too?






22 thoughts on “Female scuba diver gets attacked and drowned by evil diver [S.O.S. Barracuda]”

  1. hey ho, the bubbles really got me

    when are you going to post that other eye of the storm clip (its not the one where the diver girl resurfaces after a dive and stuggles to get on a inflatable boat while a mysterious woman watches from afar is it?) ((saw a clip on youtube))

    • It will be posted next sunday. And no, it’s not that clip (seen that too), it’s one with more action as she meets the guy who cut her hose…again. 😉

    • As far as I know that evil frogman fights his dive buddy and is forced to the surface. But I don’t know if he his in any other UW scene.

  2. very impressed scene for me
    and i thought american were also have a remake vision which is a homage to this video i assume. and in that movie the man and woman both drowned by an evil diver .
    i remember i first saw it was before 2008 i am still trying to find that movie because the girl in the pink wetsuit is so geogrous and the drowning scene is so remarkable.?

  3. Great scene. She looked amazing, I am sure there is another scuba death scene on uk tv back in the early 80’s on the first episode of the investigation/ action drama Cats Eyes when one of the members of the all female investigation agency has to dive under the hull of a soviet ship The Lenin Star only to get intercepted and killed by soviet frogmen. I don’t remember if you see her air hose cut( as my memory from my child hood is not perfect and women divers being killed is not my thing) but I do remember they kill her and I am surre there is a scene were they gave to identify the body.

    • I do know that one (it is in the hall of fame section 😉 )… you are the 2nd guy who mentioned that scene in reply to this movie.
      But her air hose doesn’t get cut. After a great struggle they pull out her regulator and she drowns.
      But thanks for the comment…it IS a great scene for my taste. 🙂

      (edited your comment with 80’s instead of 70’s..like you mentioned)

  4. This stylish lady is an amazing beauty, in her red dress as well in her pink wetsuit. I guess the movie is uninteresting after her death. Her dive buddy (in blue) doesn’t try to save her from drowning and he swims to her corpse only because he runs out of air. He tries to breath with her mouthpiece but her tank is empty, of course. So, he lets her drifting to depths while he surfaces (he gives up his weight belt). Was she her wife or just a worthless girl he seduced to find the hidden jewels ? Anyway, not very nice.

    • Yeah, her dive buddy was nearly as evil as the attacker…. Would love to see the whole scene. How he reacted as he saw the bubbles and how he fought against the other diver.

      • Yeah, I wonder if her evil boyfriend only used her to find the jewels. And I wonder why they employed such a stunning woman for a very few scenes. I like her stylishness in her red dress, I like her focused face when she attach her hair, her ringed right hand and perfect nails. She seems nice and delicate. Well, she’s just the girl you would like to save from a drowning !!!

        I don’t speak german so I don’t understand what her boyfriend told her before they dive. Could you translate please ?

        • Yeah it looks like it. That dirty scumbag.
          He says: “Today I gonna give the “tears of kleopatra” (the jewels) to you. Then all our dreams will come true”

  5. Enjoyed the scene! Thanks! It would’ve been nice to see a more prolonged struggle but it was really hot watching her bod drift down the side of that embankment and then crumple at the bottom! You don’t see that sort of imagery much. Thanks again!

    • I agree, let’s say there would have been a 30 second long struggle…where she tries to escape to the surface or try to grab his mouthpiece.

      My alternative ending: Her air hose gets cut, she draws her knife but he manages to knock it out of her hand. He tries to pin her arms to stop her. She weakens with every second without air.
      With one final effort she breaks free and manages to stab him with his own knife. Desperately on her last breath she grabs his mouthpiece and suck in life-giving air.

  6. I totally agree with you on that one. We need these scuba ladies alive to fight another day. They are rare enough as it is we don’t need to make them rarer.

  7. Does anyone know if the new “The Meg” movie starring Jason Statham had any scuba scenes with a woman? In the short trailer there are scenes with him using scuba and half second cuts aways to potentially other dives in distress with the Megladon. I don’t know if any women divers are actually underwater in the film though? Any info from forum members would be appreciated. 🙂 Otherwise I guess we’ll have to watch the film and see later this month.

    • I remember different trailers. In at leat one there was a female diver in full face mask.
      But I will watch the movie tomorrow in the cinema…will know for sure then 😉

    • Watched the movie yesterday. And yes the chinces actress from the trailer is underwater in hightech shark cage. In a nice wetsuit with full face scuba mask. And a odd, very flat scuba tank.
      And there is even a peril scene in it…caused indirectly though the shark. It could have been better shown/made…but as I saw that scene in the cinema, me and my little friend got excited…

  8. Thanks for all of your posts. This is a really great scene – it has all of the key elements to it. Firstly, you see the diver out of the water and she is hot. Suiting up, also great, if a little short. Would like to see her test her reg out of the water. The dive itself could do with a few more close ups of the facial area. Then, we get to the attack part which is well done. It’s good to see a diver watching, prior to an attack, picking their moment then stealthily approaching the unsuspecting victim and this is no exception. The attack itself is a little disappointing for all the reasons you already gave – the hose cutting could be longer, as could the struggle, especially if she almost gets her attacker’s reg but is then overpowered. Would be great to see some facial close ups (like in this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9Cv7P_5rjE) as she is held while her tank empties (as you say, was unrealistically too fast). Like you, i prefer the struggle to the aftermath but I quite liked how the scene played out as, once she was drowned, her partner only saw her as a potential air source after first checking her cut hose. Quite unusual how she was dwelt upon afterwards, too – maybe the writer or director had a bit of a fetish on this subject?

    • Thanks for the kind words and your comment!
      Yeah, showing her dead body that long….very unusual. Perhaps someone indeed enjoyed taping it like that 😉

  9. Its great to read everyone’s comments! I think it just illustrates how exciting it is to find great scuba gems like this out there from the past and be able to enjoy them like they are fresh and new (despite the often poor quality of the VHS recordings which is of course, understandable). Let’s hope new modern TV series return to shooting scuba content with fantastic female divers like this.


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