Female scuba diver gets attacked and drowned by evil diver [S.O.S. Barracuda][HD upgrade + longer][+ Bonus scene]

Remember this epic scene? Here is the old link…

Female scuba diver gets attacked and drowned by evil diver [S.O.S. Barracuda]

That video was done from a VHS recording as the movie was aired the last time in the early 2000s. A very nice guy provided that one to me in 2018.

Now, after all these years the movie was shown again on a HD channel, so I was able to get a proper recording.

Also, I could see the whole movie now and not only a couple of minutes of it.

There is also another scuba scene in this one that I didn’t know of, but we will come to that later on.


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And here is the video:


*EDIT* Had to be moved to an alternative site…

My view on the plus and minus points of this scene hasn’t changed (from my old post):

– points:

The struggle between her and the attacker is much too short. The camera work is too fast and too shaky. We don’t see very much of her….

Many “mistakes”: Her tanks emptied so fast…. if she had more than a few % of her air left…that’s a mistake. It should take much longer until she is out.

She doesn’t fight back and her only action is to use the octopus.

And why is her dive buddy suddenly so far away from her? He was pretty close as he was cutting these cables.

Additional – points:

Why does she drown that fast? I often laugh at some scuba fetish videos where it takes up to 5 or more minutes for someone to drown which is just hilarious. But ok, I guess some folks wanna see it so long. Here it is quite the opposite: He cuts her air hose and she drowns in a matter of a few seconds. Equally weird. Especially as she uses her 2nd regulator and should get air from it as long the tank still has air in it.

Her male buddy behaves really completely insanely. He manages to disarm the attacker, who closes his air valve. But what does the guy do? Trying to reach it, and fails to do so. Ok, yeah, it’s not so easy to reach it with shorter arms. But…..why doesn’t he get out of his BCD-vest? Then he could easily reach the valve and turn his air back on! Instead, he dives to his now-dead girlfriend. He realizes that she is dead and that her air hose is cut. But he tries to get air from his tank! WHY? How is there supposed to be air left in there as the air hose is sliced and no more air escapes the cut hose? Completely moronic move. He still doesn’t think of turning his air back on and ascends rapidly, nearly dying in the process.


+ points:

First of all, this is the ONLY scene I know (in a movie or TV series) where a female diver is attacked…her air hose gets cut…AND she actually drowns afterward. In every other scene with an air hose cut…the female diver always survive. This aspect makes it unique! GREAT! A real big + point! (*EDIT* Now in 2021 it’s one of two scenes I know of that kind)

After she drowns we get to see a lot of scenes of her dead body. That is very rare too.

I guess many will love all these “death stare” scenes. And let’s be honest: I do ….like them….somehow. (But my main interest is to see the struggle before the drowning)

Additional + points:

The scuba fight with the two men is actually not bad. I wish he would have struggled with her like that. He manages to disarm the attacker and injures him.

Later on, her fires an emergency rocket and gets saved by the Barracuda crew. But some minutes later he gets shot by the killer….


Some more pictures:

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But as I mentioned there is another scuba scene, check it out:


*EDIT* Had to be moved to an alternative site…

Well, what did just happen? Good question!

First of all, I love the end result! The evil scuba killer who drowned one frogwoman gets now (seemingly) drowned by another female diver (from the Barracuda police crew).

A really great, fitting result! 🙂


….what has happened down there?????? It isn’t shown and it isn’t explained at all. She doesn’t speak about it with the other crew members, no one asks her.

That way we totally have to use our imagination.

Has she somehow turned his air off? Has she stabbed him with a knife that was never shown? Was there a struggle between the two? Why didn’t both dive to the surface to find out what was going on there?

Well, all questions we never get an answer for….. 🙁

I really like to see her in closeups in her full face mask! Would have loved to see them fight against each other! With him trying to drown another frogwoman….but this frogwoman would be far better skilled than his last victim with her police scuba training (it was mentioned in the movie).

I guess in the end they may have been run out of money (or time) and just didn’t film some more scenes underwater.

A real shame, but it is cool to have another scuba scene in this movie….

Here is the IMDB title to this one:


What do you think about these two scenes?

Leave your comment below!

9 thoughts on “Female scuba diver gets attacked and drowned by evil diver [S.O.S. Barracuda][HD upgrade + longer][+ Bonus scene]”

  1. Excellent quality upgrade. I can only ever imagine that she was surprised panicked and got a lung full of water early in the fight, I wish they had shown more of her reaction though.

    What is the other scene you know of like this that you’re referring to? Something you’ve posted or something we can expect soon?

      • Oh yes! That one would be amazing to have in higher quality one day, but it seems like the kind of movie that we’re never going to see a better print of.

  2. Thank for this really great update and interesting bonus scene : what happened on the boat while they were underwater ? Why she had to kill the evil frogman ? I rather think frogman air supply hose was unplug by policemen from the boat to save her. I would like to see the whole scene…

    • As the police yacht arrives a gun battle ensues. The bad guy gives out some machine gun to his crew folks and they have a little shootout with the police. Nothing worth showing.
      And actually, there is nothing happening on the boat that would affect the two underwater. Otherwise, I would have included that in the video.
      So, it’s a complete mystery what happens underwater. Quite frustrating. I mean I like the result that the evil frogman was now (seemingly) drowned himself as some sort of justice as he drowned that frogwoman.
      But it would have been so great in showing her drowning him in a long struggle where he wants to drown just another frogwoman… 😉

  3. I really loved seeing this scene in better quality. I wish now that three other of my favourite scuba scene already featured on this blog would be broadcast again so HD captures could be taken. They are Einladung zum Mord (German tv movie), Eye of the Storm (UK 1993 tv series) and Silk Stalkings: Pirates of Palm Beach (US 1990s tv series episode). These feature some of the best female scuba fights/struggles in my opinion but any versions are poor quality VHS captures that lack detail unfortunately.

    • Yeah, there is a lot of potential in these scenes for sure!
      I do find a solid copy of “Einladung zum Mord” last year. But that was only a slight improvement over the one I got already. Not like DVD or HD quality.
      Perhaps we are lucky at some point but from year to year, there are more TV shows and movies out there. A lot of old shows and movie will be completely forgotten.

      • A new film I am really looking forward to is The Deep House. It should have great full face mask scuba scenes featuring Camille Rowe. Its due to come out on the 30th June 2021 but unfortunately a trailer hasn’t been released yet.

        • Yeah, that’s on my list as well! Glad that some new interesting scuba movies are still coming out. Last year was pretty good with “Breaking surface” and “Deep Blue sea 3”. 🙂


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