Crazy guy wanna drown 2 women! (+ a scuba fight with a female scuba diver)

2 women are at the mercy of a madman.

He bounded them to a weight that he pushes into the lake! Help is on the way (incl. a female scuba diver)…but…. who will survive this madness? 😉

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And here is the video with all the underwater action:


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You wanna know the title of the movie?



Sab…sab….sabOtaged diving gear! Female scuba diver in danger!

A female scuba diver goes on a dive in her 70’s vintage gear. But something feels wrong underwater…. did someone sabotage her scuba gear?

And can she survive this?

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And here is the video where you can see the perilous underwater action:


And happy Easter by the way!

I don’t know the exact episode, but here is the title of the series:


If anyone knows in which episode this happen….please let me know, so I can add this info!

A woman gets attacked by a scuba diver!

A woman discovers a scuba diver on a boat. The scuba diver grabs the woman and throws her into the water.

And down there the diver wants to use the scuba equipment to drown her… Does she have a chance?

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Guess you wanna see what happens?

Here you go:

*EDIT* March 14, 2022: Time for a proper text!

The scene is very interesting and I really like that she isn’t so passive and really fights back!

Two times she tries to steal his regulator, that’s how you do it!

Well, bad for him that his scuba knife is placed like this as she can reach it very easily.

Really funny how his air hose practically explodes as the knife just touches it…. 😆

And that explosion of bubbles also seems to knock off his scuba mask…. ?!? :lol:²

But it provides certainly a great impression of him screaming without his scuba mask and regulator.

All in all a very good peril scene 🙂

And here is the title of the movie:



Black Widow – Female diver runs out of air! – (Hall of Fame)

I guess at least 70% of you folks know the scene, it shouldn’t miss here on this blog!

Two female divers go on a little dive. They get separated (on purpose?) and one of them has no air left in her tank…

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Here is the video, with all the underwater action:


*EDIT* MARCH 2022:

Check out the new(er) post with a longer scene in better quality!

Great scene! Nice little fight and sexy sounds… really great stuff!


Scuba knife fight – Male VS Male

Remember the evil scuba diver from this post?

...attacked by another diver!
…attacked by another diver!

Well, I promised that there would be another scene with him, and yes there is one. But it’s a male vs male scuba fight! I didn’t remember on that one.

But perhaps you like that scene too…even if there is no female diver this time….

Let’s try it….

It’s time that the hideous scuba diver gets some payback, or? Well, here you go!

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And here is the action:

Your opinion?

Sexy female diver in a great outfit…. – THE VIDEO

Remember one of my first posts?

Well, now I have a video of the scene in a very good quality! You will like it… 😉

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And here is the sexy video:


*EDIT*, New video (HD-UPGRADE)


I really wish there would be a scene where she is actually diving… 🙁

Wanna know the title of the movie?



Frogwoman with vintage scuba gear in a swimming pool! (1959)

Today I wanna try something… I don’t know at all if you folks are interested in stuff like this, but let’s try…

Here is a rare b&w clip from french tv. It’s about a woman who tries to scuba dive in a pool. Do you like stuff like that?

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And here is the scubalicious video:


Great equipment! I wish the clip would be in color….


Female scuba diver gets attacked by another diver! [Hall of Fame]

In this clip, a frogwoman takes a little dive….not knowing that someone is already waiting for her…

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Will she survive? Or does he succeed with his evil plan?

*EDIT* March 11, 2022:

There is now a better picture quality available for this scene.

I will make an UPGRADE post in the next weeks with a proper text also included.

Here is the new post with better video quality and proper text:


There will be a 2nd scuba action video to this episode…stay tuned!