Underwater fight with US seals (incl. a female diver) – [Quality UPGRADE]

Remember this one? Underwater fight with US seals (incl. a female diver)

Now I bought the DVD and can show this scene to you folks in much better quality!


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Here is the video:

A great scene! Never seen such an armored air hose before this flick.

But I do have a lot of questions after watching this!

Why does she have such an armored hose protection that no one else in her team has?

Is such an armored hose useful? It looks like not the whole air hose is covered…(endings).

Why do these guys try so hard to cut her protected hose? Even if it is very…sexy… Why don’t they pull off her mask and her regulator?

Why doesn’t she fight back at all at his 2nd attempt (the guy behind her) to cut her hose???? She just waits for him to cut it!!

From what material is that protection made? He manages to cut through it…

If you wanna know from which movie this scene is:




Scuba jewel thieves VS scuba police divers

And you’ll find a woman under these scuba jewel thieves 😉

A gang of 4 rob jewels and always get away by scuba diving to an abandoned warehouse.

Let’s see if they get away with it…


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And here is the video:

Of course, we should have seen more of her… but good scenes nonetheless.

If you wanna know more:




The vintage frogwoman VS the creature

If you visited my other blog Maskripper the last days you saw one scene from this movie already. But the movie has another scene that fits well into this blog!

A frogwoman goes diving as suddenly….a underwater creature appears and starts chasing her… can she survive? Can she escape?


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And here is the video:


*EDIT* Moved to google drive, youtube had problems with it


And here is the title of the movie:



2 Frogmen and a frogwoman in a…. scuba fight! [UPGRADE, longer and with an additional scene!)

Remember this one?

Unknown movie – 2 Frogmen and a frogwoman in scuba fight

Thanks to “v” I now know the title of the movie, thanks man! 🙂

Well, in the meantime I bought that movie in France. So, I can present a quality upgrade (DVD quality, much better) of that scene (longer too), and an additional scuba (peril) scene from the same movie 😉


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Here is the video:

Much better now, or? 😉

And I got an additional scene for you!

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And here is the bonus scene:

And now I guess you wonder about the title of the movie? Here it is:


Frogwoman in full face mask (and in trouble)!

Today I got 2 scenes from one movie!

In the 1st scene, our frogwoman in a full-face mask explores a wreck with two other divers!

The 2nd scene includes a fight with a male diver!

*EDIT*: I found out the title of the movie, and linked better quality videos!

Here are the clips:

*EDIT* April 12, 2022:

Time for a proper text for these scenes!

The first one is “just” a nice peril scene, even it’s very odd that this incredible strong current is setting in from one second to another. As someone turned a switch on 😆

But ok, I like to see female divers in FFM, especially in masks like this (Interspiro)!

And a female diver with such gear diving in a submarine is quite thrilling, as such spaces are quite dangerous and many possibilities with perilous scenes arise.


The 2nd scene is more interesting for me.

Due to her former difficulties underwater (some trauma in the past) she is sadly not diving with him, even it’s a rather bad idea that just that one guy dives into a dangerous wreck(!), at night(!) and alone(!).

The fight with the two guys is pretty great. I am not 100% sure what the villain tries to accomplish with his punch on the scuba mask of the other guy. I guess he tried to smash in the visor!?

Hard to say how difficult/possible that is…

Really great how he then slices the air hose of the other guy.

Really a shame she isn’t the one fighting with the villain….

It’s quite odd how quickly she then suddenly appears underwater as she was still in her normal clothes as the guy got attacked.

I mean changing into scuba gear takes quite a while and then she also had to descend to the wreck.

The good guy with the sliced air hose has impressive lungs! His air hose gets sliced, and then after he can finally escape the wreck he has to swim to the surface.

I mean ok, perhaps he used a second regulator at the ascend as long there was still air in the tank.

The fight between our heroine and the villain is nice, but the confirmed space isn’t helping and they basically just hold onto each other and twist around until the bad guy gets stuck.

A real shame that he doesn’t manage to yank on her mask or try to slice her air hose as well. He is now completely stuck (really bad luck) and is doomed as the bomb gets off quickly.

Yeah, the scene could have been better, but still, I like it a lot! I mean a female scuba diver with such a scuba mask in a fight with another diver…. is very rare material!

Right now I can only think of two scenes: That one scene from Flipper where a villainess attacks another diver and that scene from Deep Blue Sea 3!

The title of the movie? Here it is:


What do you think of these scenes?

Feel welcome to leave your comment!


Underwater combat with navy seals… (incl. a female diver)

A team of seals and a female diver against some scuba thugs!

(click to enlarge)

Here you can see the whole action:

*EDIT* A version with better picture quality can be found here:


The scene is well made in my eyes, but the lighting……well….could be better.

The metal protection around her air hose is very interesting. Never seen it before…


My favorite female scuba fight! – Part 2 – (HD)

Happy new Year folks! And now, Part 2 (of 3) of my favorite female scuba fight! The underwater battle between the two scuba ladies starts!!!

(click to enlarge)

And here is the great video:

I love that scene, great underwater action! And this isn’t all… There is another part….

….maybe I upload it 😉