Underwater fight with US seals (incl. a female diver) – [Quality UPGRADE]

Remember this one? Underwater fight with US seals (incl. a female diver)

Now I bought the DVD and can show this scene to you folks in much better quality!


(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:

A great scene! Never seen such an armored air hose before this flick.

But I do have a lot of questions after watching this!

Why does she have such an armored hose protection that no one else in her team has?

Is such an armored hose useful? It looks like not the whole air hose is covered…(endings).

Why do these guys try so hard to cut her protected hose? Even if it is very…sexy… Why don’t they pull off her mask and her regulator?

Why doesn’t she fight back at all at his 2nd attempt (the guy behind her) to cut her hose???? She just waits for him to cut it!!

From what material is that protection made? He manages to cut through it…

If you wanna know from which movie this scene is:




5 thoughts on “Underwater fight with US seals (incl. a female diver) – [Quality UPGRADE]”

  1. It’s a great scene but there is no way she should have managed to avoid death let alone kill one of the divers. The second diver should never have allowed her to pull of his mask and then stab him in the gut even though I like the blood coming out of his stomach like that. Also the navy seals make a meal of killing the first diver by strangling the life out of him.

      • And I watched it again:

        This is the worst:

        At the entrance to the pipe: there was someone waiting, obviously the rear guard.
        He sees a straggler, and he goes on, as if, ‘oh well’.
        Seals or recreational-divers, you do not leave someone on their own, ever.

        In ANY military profession, you do NOT turn your back to a comrade who is struggling, ever.

        I am only ripping on this scene because you did. 😉

        • Yeah, not by the “book”.
          But I guess the (evil) producers wanted to isolate the female diver to create a nice struggle/peril scene 😉


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