Japanese frogwoman battles henchmen on dry land!

Sorry for not posting on the weekend, I was away most of the time.

But here is a short video with a nice Japanese frogwoman in action. Not underwater but on dry land. Thanks to whoever recommended me this one last January.


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Well, I must admit, for me, the clip is somehow nice, but nothing special, but I guess it’s a good video for some of the wetsuit folks out there who like to see a woman in action while wearing a wetsuit. Sadly there are no underwater scenes with her at all, otherwise, they would have been in the video ;-).

The change from wetsuit to her “normal” clothes is hilarious. Interesting to see what she was supposed to wear under her wetsuit. Even cowboy boots. And it takes a “little” longer to get out of such a wetsuit 😆

I do like her trick to seduce the guys by slowly opening her wetsuit zipper. What a nice distraction 😉

I’m not sure about the exact episode but the title of the TV show is:

IMDB link

What do you think about that scene?

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