Female scuba diver gets drowned by evil divers [quality upgrade]

Remember this famous scene? One of the oldest posts on this blog and certainly one of the “best” scuba drownings you will find!

Now I have this scene in better quality! Well, not Bluray or DVD quality (not available), but it’s definitely a big improvement from the old video file.


(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:

*EDIT* February 15, 2022:

Time to write a better text for this great scene!

A female scuba spy gets attacked by evil frogmen and drowns in the process…. very rare stuff!

I love that she really fights back and manages to fight off several frogmen, but of course, she is up against 3 divers who eventually overpower her and rip out her mouthpiece.

But she really is determined to keep her live-giving regulator in her mouth and manages to get rid of the first guy who was pulling on it.

The drowning comes way too fast but ok, as they cut away from her you could say that perhaps some more seconds pass until they cut back to her face.


A real shame she didn’t have any more frogwomen by her side.

I imagine 3 frogwomen fighting against these guys….that would be SOOOO awesome. 😉

Wanna know from which show this is?


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