Frogwoman in FFM battles sharks and a frogman – Deep Blue Sea 3 [Hall of Fame – Scuba fight][Blog exclusive]

Ok folks, time to make a BIG, juicy post about a new movie that deserves it! I am sure this will be one of the longest posts I made on this blog. You all should know Deep Blue Sea (1999), certainly one of the best shark movies with a big budget (60 million $….and that … Read more

Deep Blue Sea 3 – Trailer

Just a quick post for today. Check out this trailer:   Looks like a good amount of scuba scenes! 🙂 And besides the CGI….the trailer looks pretty good in my opinion! It won’t be as good as Deep blue sea was…but hopefully it’s better than the second. As long we get a lot of frogwomen … Read more

The Deepest Breath – Netflix documentary movie [Reco]

Yesterday I watched a new Netflix documentary movie. Official synopsis (with some spoilers): Descending to remarkable depths below the sea on one single breath, Alessia Zecchini enters what she describes as the last quiet place on Earth. The Italian champion is determined to set a new world record in freediving, a dangerous extreme sport in … Read more

“The Deep House” – A new and very promising scuba-horror flick!

2020 was a really good year for scuba movies. 2 new, pretty great scuba flicks came out: “Breaking Surface” and “Deep Blue Sea 3” were both very interesting fresh scuba flicks that provided a LOT of good scenes! But what about this year? Well, I heard about “The Deep House” last year, but so far … Read more

“Breaking Surface” – My review….2 videos and much more!

After a really long time of waiting for this movie, I was finally able to see it last Thursday. I could have seen it already but I wanted a full HD picture and a language I can actually understand. The german blu-ray has the original language on it (Swedish) and a german language option of … Read more

Frogwoman VIP Club 2.0: September

New month, new content for the VIP Club here on Frogwoman! –                     (the picture is just a logo for the VIP Club) – The VIP-Club 2.0 has been updated with new material, enjoy! 8 new scubalicious videos!  4 mystery videos + a video where a frogwoman is looking for her missing scuba buddy…..and … Read more

Frogwoman in full face mask (and in trouble)!

Today I got 2 scenes from one movie! In the 1st scene, our frogwoman in a full-face mask explores a wreck with two other divers! The 2nd scene includes a fight with a male diver! *EDIT*: I found out the title of the movie, and linked better quality videos! – – Here are the clips: … Read more

Frogwoman – Hall of Fame

(last updated: January 2024) – Here you can find: My Top 20 “female scuba divers in action” scenes …and my Top 10 “hot women in sexy wetsuits” – This Blog has over 680 posts now, so it’s very hard to find all the epic scenes. That’s why I made this “Hall of Fame” section! Enjoy! … Read more