Vulcan down – Part 2 – Scuba Battle — An underwater fetish story [written by myself]

So, finally, I managed to finish part 2 of “Vulcan down” which focuses on a pretty solid scuba battle with 3 frogwomen and 8 frogmen. 😉

It’s time that Kate gets revenge on SPECTRE and their new leader Fiona Volpe.

So, expect a very SEXY scuba battle in perfect 60’s vintage scuba gear (like in Thunderball, but now with some women 🙂 )

(incl. rubber wetsuits and hoses, scuba peril, scuba fights, many erotic elements, vintage scuba gear, breath control play, and various “drowning peril” elements)


I put a lot of hours into it, as it was more difficult this time without a template (like in Vulcan down). And this time I got 15 pages for you.

As a present and a big thank you to the VIP 2.0 members, they will get the full 15 pages. If you are a VIP member, you can find the story in the VIP section.

And if not, feel welcome to JOIN to get access to 9 videos and 2 scuba stories (this month)!

The file will stay there, together with future scuba stories that I will write.

All others can read the first 10 pages (of 15) as an extensive preview version!

>>>>> Here is the (preview) version of “Vulcan down – Part 2 – Scuba Battle”: <<<<<


(PDF-File on this blog)

My first scuba story “Vulcan down – Part 1” can be found here (preview version):


(PDF-File on this blog)


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15 thoughts on “Vulcan down – Part 2 – Scuba Battle — An underwater fetish story [written by myself]”

  1. nice work

    p.s theres a trailer for a movie called Air, which a woman who went scuba diving has to use her scuba tank to survive a airless world (sounds like a bad movie to me)

  2. A wonderful story. Thank you so much. As you know I prefer the male divers, but nevertheless I love this story. Bad frogmen in black rubber wetsuits killed by two girls in wetsuits. Amazing! Thanks a lot for your great work!

  3. Super, freu’ ich mich drauf! Wenn vielleicht wieder ein paar böse schwarze Gummitaucher dabei sind, freue ich mich riesig! Gerne dürfen die Froggirls auch rote Gummianzüge tragen. 😉 Ich beneide Dich übrigens um Deine super Englischkenntnisse! Also, weiter so! 🙂

    • Danke!
      Nun, die Story passt gut für beide Blogs. Catwoman benutzt Tauchausrüstung (siehe mein Facebook Avatar) um eine Yacht auszurauben. Aber sie ist dann doch nicht so allain wie geplant ;-). Und ne ordentlichen Kampf Unterwasser ist natürlich auch dabei.

  4. fantastic story and so glad to know i am not the only one to get exited underwater . i have been a scuba instructor in the carribean and all girls loved the underwater experience and could not wait to qualify so they could start their diving career . love to know its not just men who get turned on underwater!!!!! love rubber neoprene etc love it all ……. bubbles of love to all

    • Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!
      Well, I think there are many reasons to enjoy diving.
      I guess the majority don’t have a kink.
      But I also think many who have a kink/fetish for it won’t admit that they do, especially women. 😉


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