Frogwoman VIP Club – October

                    (the picture is just a logo for the VIP Club)


The VIP-Club 2.0 has been updated with new material, enjoy! 9 new scubalicious videos (3  normal + 6 short videos)

  • 6 different (short) versions of …that focus on certain aspects “Black Widow”! Especially great in the loop mode in your video player 😉
  • 3 mystery videos
  • 1 already uploaded scuba fetish story (written by myself) “Vulcan down” + one more scuba fetish story, that will be released on October 7th

Wanna donate some bucks, help to keep this blog alive and get really good videos and fetish scuba stories in return?

In addition to the paypal option you can now pay with gift certificates!

More info here.

1 thought on “Frogwoman VIP Club – October”

  1. Very very nice
    I loved the first two shorts, I would love to see what she looks like when she has masked up.
    The 3rd short was great as well. It would be amazing if there was one of a frog woman who did a full gear and full length wetsuit strip underwater.


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