The villainess with a gas mask and some deadly poison! – [HD UPGRADE, longer cut]

As I was re-uploading all those videos to the new Youtube account I came upon this old post from March 2015:

….and decided it deserved an UPGRADE!

A longer video with better picture quality and real text! Back in the day, I wrote only little to nothing in my blog post and that has certainly changed a lot of the years 😉


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Watch the video before you continue!

Ok, where to start? Well, I would prefer if her nose and mouth would be covered in the mask, don’t know if they had modified these masks, but I guess they wanted to show as much of her face as possible… Well, as I have a thing for masked women… I would have rather preferred the mysterious version 😉

I totally love her plan to have that bomb and the poison stuff to have something in her sleeve to blackmail everybody to let them go with their loot. And the fact that she is breathing oxygen from her tank and isn’t using a filter on her mask is a big bonus for me as well.

I guess this guy has the sharpest blade in history as you could never cut with such a thing through a thick rubber hose with just one move like he did. And why does he have such a blade with him in the first place?

I love this hissing sound of the escaping air after he sliced her hose and how she grabs it and realizes what this sneaky guy had done! A shocked “NO!” would have been nice there. I feel sorry for her that this guy ruined her plan like that.

And I’m also a little disappointed that she gives up immediately. I mean she could have ordered a henchman to give his tank and attached gas mask to her. And if he had refused she would have shot him. After all, she is the villainess. At least in my version, she would have done it. 😉

She would have had a working gas mask with an oxygen supply and he couldn’t surprise her again!

Just these two would then walk into a room for some reason, he would attack her and she would drop the poison stuff which would then be released into the air.

They would then battle frantically over the gas mask in order to survive. He would try to yank that mask off her, perhaps pinch her air hose to suffocate her so he could get the mask from her.

Or he would slice her air hose, and lock her inside that room…..

But well, this scene is very interesting and sexy for me as it is already!

In the next few days, I will make a special category in the Hall of Fame for gas masks/oxygen masks/astronauts.

Wanna know from which episode this is?


What do you think about that scene?

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4 thoughts on “The villainess with a gas mask and some deadly poison! – [HD UPGRADE, longer cut]”

  1. There’s actually a massive contingency error to allow for that stunt. If you look closely she has her air hose on top of her left shoulder like anyone else when she puts the mask on, even strapped on with cable ties to her harness. Her hose magically moves to her right hip in the next scene where she comes out of the door with the detecive guy waiting for her. He takes the blade out of the toolbox of the bomb dude btw. “Guess I’ll need that later to cut some air hoses, lol”. Looks like they couldn’t get the finishing touch on that script.

    • Hmh, interesting, didn’t notice that. In that position, the sneaky cop couldn’t have cut it so easily. And the whole cut it with such a blade in one strike isn’t working either…as I mentioned.
      But still a very sexy scene for me! Even she gave up way too early….

    • Well, don’t get too excited 😉
      There are not many gas masks videos that I know who deserve that… and mostly I posted these videos already.


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