Pamela Anderson, a guy and a mermaid [female Baywatch Scuba scenes in HD #11]

This will be a massive post with 3 videos! This episode has so much to offer πŸ™‚

Since YouTube has an allergy to Baywatch videos for over 5 minutes (it seems), I made 3 single videos.


Scene 1 (Bonus – not on my public Youtube channel):

One of the Baywatch guys wants to practice freediving and Pamela Anderson (CJ) and Yasmine Bleeth (Caroline Holden) are helping him. And, no surprise, they look fantastic while doing so!


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Ok, not female scuba, BUT this was only the warm-up!


Scene 2:

The guy wants to find that mermaid! And stays down for so long that Pam puts on her scuba gear to find him.



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And here is the video:

It is funny/ridiculous that they made no effort at all to hide the fact that Pamela Anderson actually doesn’t dive! Her stunt diver may be really beautiful, showing her that long, everyone (should) see that isn’t Pamela.

However, seeing Pamela Anderson in a bikini and then her stunt diver in action….is always a good thing πŸ˜‰


Scene 3 (the highlight of the episode):

Now Pamela wants to find the mermaid. She puts on scuba gear and soon is in real big trouble!


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And here is the video:

Well, the scene is pretty hilarious!

  1. It’s rather helpful to look in the direction that you are swimming/diving. Especially when you are near some rocks… πŸ˜‰

2. She didn’t lose her regulator as she crashed onto the rocks, it remains clearly in her mouth. She is unconscious. As the mermaid arrives the regulator is out of her mouth….Why?

On the good side ….it leads to a really good scuba peril scene. The way she looks when the mermaid pulls her up….. HOT!

So, it is a highlight for me…and I am sure…for others as well πŸ˜‰

This is the episode with all these 3 scenes:




18 thoughts on “Pamela Anderson, a guy and a mermaid [female Baywatch Scuba scenes in HD #11]”

  1. Love the lycra dive skin that the pamela and yasmine wearing. Is the guy never appreciate the beauty of his women wearing the suit. No bulge on his crotch what is the problem baywatch boys. I notice it every episode.

    • Hah, yeah I thought about that “why no bulge” aspect as well. Maybe they visit the restrooms before the sexy scenes. But “problem” with Baywatch….you have gorgeous women in sexy bathing suits and bikinis all day long.
      And you can’t run to the rest room every 20 minutes πŸ˜†
      But perhaps there is some medicine in that direction. I don’t know, is there some sort of “anti-viagra”?
      Or they have to think about grandma and taxes when it’s get too….”exciting”.

  2. I have to agree they looked amazing in those skin suits, especially when we get a frontal shot of the dark haired girl with her suit unzipped to show maximum cleavage I don’t know her name
    ( Titty Mac’Boobs, I think?) anyway I think the only thing that keeps the guys so limp on these occasions must be the constant cold plunged into the temperate Californian Pacific. Either that or bromide.

      • Thanks for noticing it. Quite frankly the scene where CJ bump by a rock. Especially the close up shot of the unconscious diver you can clearly see is not pamela. But still her stunt double is very gorgeous I was wondering who is she.

        There so many episode especially in baywatch where my personal favourite the lycra dive skin that actress and stunt double wearing where the guys does not even have bulge. First of all I am not a gay, I am just noticing it. There were scene kelly pachard, hasselhof and another actress, I don’t know the name. They were looking for WW2 old vet. Both women wearing a yellow lycra dive skin then mitch wearing a wetsuit. There were no bulge. I forgot the episode. Then my personal favourites episode the big blue it’s involve the same actor above coby, quest star mehgan grier famous freediver. There was a scene on the surface she was wearing same color lycra dive skin standing between them the boys have no reaction on her wearing that suit. In also in that same episode couple wearing same suit, especially the boat scene. Where woman want dive more but the guy was hesitant but she wrap her arm around him to convince him, when he said yes the guy stand up. Again there were no bulge on his suit. Another episode kelly pachard where she dive with his boyfriend wearing yellow dive skin, they were chase by a shark. Again there were no bulge on him. Just my observation. Quite frankly if I were in the scene. I would have erection on it. Your surrounded by these women wearing that suit.

        • Yeah, but in the end you shouldn’t get an erection as an actor (at least in most films/TV-series). Despite the embarassement…you wouldn’t stay in the job for long.
          I guess there are some ways to control it, even if the sight is …overwhelming. πŸ˜‰

          • Well you have a point. You can’t go around in surface or swim around when you have an erection. It might notice by your fellow actress. Well lucky for the actor to be in front of those beautiful actress and female stunt double. If I remember tv series silk stalking you have already a clip on it. There was scene were male detective invited by female scuba instructor to scuba. In the ending scene I think she warn about a shrinkage.

          • Shrinkage the term was use by his female companion I am not sure if that the right word. The episode was pirate of the palm beach. The scuba scene was female scuba diver was attack by male scuba diver one of my favorite scuba fight. The male penis will shrink in case of cold water I think.

  3. Maybe they have a quick one of the wrist in their trailer as part of their professional preparation before the begin shooting the scene.
    Hey! acting is a colourful business!


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