A sunken city, a gold treasure and a frogwoman…. that gets attacked! (+bonus video)

Now, it’s time for the scuba fight I promised the last week.

After our frogwoman and her boyfriend explored the sunken city, they now returned with reinforcements. Her boyfriend convinced his army buddies (a special unit stationed in Serbia) to raise the nazi gold from the sunken city. Of course, this undertaking doesn’t go unnoticed. The local Serbian commander still hunts these soldiers after a previous encounter. He knows what they are after and he and his men are on patrol boats right above our frogwoman and her buddies…. The commander sends 3 divers down to investigate and stop the intruders. Our frogwoman and one soldier are salvaging gold as a Serbian diver discovers them….


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Here is the video:

Well, here is my opinion on the scene [SPOILER ahead]:

The setting is a little dark, some more lights would have been cool (even it is more realistic this way). And the action is paced very fast, a little too fast for me…

…but those are the only real negative aspects to me.

Besides that… the scene offers A LOT:

The guy sneaks up on her…and punches her regulator out of her mouth. Wow, pretty rough solution, but it works and should provide a big shock for her. Don’t know if I ever saw a female diver attacked like that (punching out the regulator).

Then he quickly goes for her mask and rips it down (….which will prove to be a FATAL mistake*).

I love her facial expression and the sounds she makes while he rips off her mask. Very …sexy scene! 🙂

Now she has lost her regulator and her mask and he is about to finish her with his knife while she is defenseless.

She is saved by her buddy and manages to put her mask back on, her regulator back in. And she clears her water-filled mask.

So she can return the favor and save her buddy just in time. And the Serbian seal gets finished off rather violently as well. Stabbed and shot….not many divers die that way…. 😆

Well, now to the fatal mistake* of the Serbian seal…IF he had pulled off her mask by pulling it up and off her head…she couldn’t be ready for action that fast (if she could recover her mask at all). She wouldn’t have saved her buddy and might be killed afterward.

But I like that she recovers from the sneaky attack so fast and even stabs the attacker. She wasn’t the (usual) easy victim. And even it is pretty dark, you can spot her quite well because of her partly colored equipment (her buddy’s equipment is all black).

Well, the Serbian diver is pretty optimistic to attack these two. I love his double hose regulator. She should have used her knife to slice his air hose… leaving him to drown….but well, you can’t have everything.

There are many more scuba minutes in that movie…but nothing special enough to upload it too. I recommend you, to watch the whole movie if you want to see all her scuba scenes. The movie is quite good, besides the scuba scenes. However, the IMDB rating is pretty low…

And here is the movie title:


But, I got another video for you!

If you wanna know, what happens to the other 2 Serbian divers….I have here the full scuba fight for you:


And now, what do YOU think of this scene?

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35 thoughts on “A sunken city, a gold treasure and a frogwoman…. that gets attacked! (+bonus video)”

  1. I watched both videos I loved the 2nd one the best
    Esp when the onw diver get attached to the balloon and forced to the surface without decompressing first!!!
    He would have suffered the bends really badly and died as a result of it!
    Painful way for a diver to go, but never the less a really great clip wonderful!

  2. Amazing scenes and thanks again Siggi for the find and sharing here on the site! I managed to download the whole movie and browse through the Serbian female characters scuba scenes. She certainly looks very sexy in her black and red wetsuit and has some great facial expressions with her mask, regulator and hood on! Its wonderful when a movie comes up with female scuba participants that we previously never knew about! 🙂

    Have a great Sunday everyone.

    • Yeah, good that there a at least a few new movies with scuba content.
      Saw the trailer for that one last year I guess. Thought it would be an interesting movie, without knowing that there was a female diver. And in a scuba fight….

  3. Hi. Danke für die neuen Videos! Sehr nett! Finds schade das man 3 Taucher erledigt aber keinen auf die klassische Weise durch ertränken. Wär nur allzugeil gewesen wenn die Taucherin einem Taucher von hinten den Luftschlauch durchgeschnitten hätte und dann solange festgehalten hätte bis er ertrunken wäre.

    • Ja, das wäre in der Tat auch mein Lieblingsszenario gewesen. Aber so schnell wie das alles geschnitten ist, hätte das wohl zu lange gedauert… 😉

      P.S.: Deinen anderen Kommentar lösche ich mal, hat ja praktisch den gleichen Text.
      Hast wohl gedacht, hätte beim ersten Mal nicht geklappt.

  4. That regulator punch is somewhat similar to the scuba scene in Tomorrow Never Dies where Pierce Brosnan does it to Michelle Yeoh.

  5. When the frogman hooked to lifting bag emerges, his air hose sways behind his head. He’s fainted because of the depressurisation shock and he’s deprived of air. Fun to see him sinking and drowning after he surfaced for a little while.

    His excruciating end is similar to Xenia Onatopp death.

    • Well, I wish Xenia Onatopp would have had such gear. A little tighter gear than his and a little more lighting. And she would fight UW for some minutes before the end…
      Ok, that’s a lot of wishes….

      • Personally, I wish that Xenia swims upon the frogman, encased in his rubber bodysuit with heavy breathing apparatus. She laughs at him for being so ridiculous and weak after being sent to surface. She sadistically plays with his hoses while he is dying by depressurisation and air deprivation.

  6. Great scene, reg punch was good. It looks like he breaks her strap when her rips her mask off but it seems fine and back on her face in the next shot. Am I missing something or is there more than one woman?

    • Are you sure about the “strap break”? He did pull hard and fast but I didn’t see that clearly…even in frame forwarding.
      And no, just one woman 🙁
      She and the army guys. She is the only one with colors on her gear and she has a blue and a red light. All others only blue (pretty sure).
      But that is exactly my problem with “modern” scuba gear. With all that these BCDs it is difficult to see the female “features”…
      And too few have these BCD where the air cell is acutally next to the tank on the back of the diver. 🙂

  7. Can’t say for sure but I can’t see how the strap didn’t break from the way he pulled the mask off. Even if it didn’t break she did well to find it and put it back on underwater in the dark without a mask. I don’t think he would have gone to all that trouble only to hand it back to her while she had her eyes closed.I do agree that wing BCDs look ace on the female form and really REALLY need to become the norm for women divers. They seem to be the only BCD that any self respecting female dive guides in the Red Sea will be seen in , alas the same cannot be said for the vintage wetsuits.

  8. Quick action! Scene is very fast. I was impressed by the initial attack so forceful to her. Very good.
    Thanks for sharing it with us!

    • Yeah, his attack was vicious…and he did have an evil plan. Pulling out her regulator, ripping off her mask…and then finish off his now helpless victim with his knife.
      The only thing I would have changed: In my version he would cut her airhose and then unmask her. With the help of the other guy she manages to survive.

      • We always seek to write the perfect scene. What we need is to find someone to film it and an actress to act on it 🙂

    • Well, perhaps she is a member of my underwater fight club and used to such attacks!
      Damn, I need to establish one… 😉

  9. It’s look like the Serbians didn’t know many divers was already underwater when they went down. The serbian divers separates underwater to find the gold. It’s look like they were just here for investigating and not ready for combat. If they were here to fight, they would stay together to be stronger. Each serbian diver loses his fight because he’s alone. And he owns only a knife as a weapon.

    As you saw the whole movie, can you answer me ?

    Last frogman is killed by depressurisation and air deprivation. His death is so painful ! It reminds me sadistic Ursa on the moon. I guess that Ursa or Xenia would have been excited by killing a defenseless frogman this way.

    • Yes, indeed. Badly equiped and each diver on their own…not the best idea. But they were send because of the other divers in the first place…
      The one guy managed at least to surprise the female diver. If he had won against her, he could fight 1 on 1 with the next diver. But as he didn’t managed to finish her off…he was doomed.

      Well, who is Ursa on the moon? Have I missed something good?

  10. I am guessing that’s from superman 2 were Ursula lands on the moon and pulls the air hose out of the astronauts suit

    • Just saw the scene…she pulls that badge from his suit. His suits inflates….(god knows why?)…and she kicks him away. That’s it…have I missed something?

  11. When the cute girl Ursa rips his spacesuit, the helpless astronaut is depressurized. His air is expelled from his lungs and his whole body inflates. He gasps desperately for 15 seconds before convulsions. She plays with him and finishes him by a kick in bollocks.

    Last frogman in video also is depressurized. His air was expelled so harshly that he spat out his breathing mouthpiece. But he’s not yet dead and he could be rescued when his body floats close to surface. But his team lets him drown because he’s failed. A dead weight.

    I guess that a girl like Ursa or Xenia would have played with him. Maybe, she would provide him a bit of air by pity and then press his rubberized body under his legs.

  12. If he did not breathe out constantly on the way up then there is a very likely chance that he would have ruptured both his lungs. If that was the case there is only one thing you can do, give his dive gear to some one else.

  13. Really cool Clip. I guess the female diver also slits the throat of the second serbian diver, because she still holds the knife from the first kill. Throat cuts maybe not as “sexy” as cutting the air hose, but also a very effective way to despatch a frogman.


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