A sunken city, a gold treasure and a frogwoman!

This movie actually contains a lot of scuba minutes. In this first scene, we have a frogwoman and her boyfriend exploring a sunken city (flooded by an exploded dam). And in this city …there is GOLD….nazi GOLD!

I knew about the movie for quite a while, but it wasn’t released here until now. THANKS to “Danial”, who contacted me about it!

(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Good to see such a dive scene in a new movie as they don’t produce many dives scenes anymore!

And this is only the beginning! I will post another scene from this movie….a scuba FIGHT scene with that frogwoman 🙂

Scuba fight with our frogwoman can be found here:

A sunken city, a gold treasure, and a frogwoman…. that gets attacked!


Movie title:


What’s your opinion on this scene?

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25 thoughts on “A sunken city, a gold treasure and a frogwoman!”

  1. Very hot! Thanks for posting! I’m very curious to know the name of the movie. I’ve always thought that it would be incredibly cool to find a sunken city like that to go explore…and this couple looks VERY nice in their neoprene! Can’t wait to see the fight scene! Thanks again

    • Indeed! To sink a small city and make it a diving attraction…that would be a good idead. Another idea of what to do with future lottery millions 😉

  2. “Casa Robles. Vault & safe. Lorca. Spain”. The box comes from my country 😀
    Wow! She is really hot in that scuba gear. As you know, I like more surface scenes, but anyway this underwater scene is very enjoyable. I’m waiting for that underwater fight!

  3. Hi Siggi80, will you also be posting the other scene from ‘Eye of the Storm’ this weekend? I have been waiting for that one for ages! Please??? 🙂

  4. Great scene. I am sure there are flooded valleys in the uk and Europe with submerged towns in them.
    Getting permission to dive them would be the trick.
    She looks great both in and out of her gear.

  5. Please could you release the Eye of the Storm clip Siggi. It would be very unfair to your regular, loyal contributors who already subscribe to your YouTube channel, comment on this forum and who have waited very patiently. I understand you want to increase your numbers on YT but why penalise the enthusiasts? There must be a way we can work something out. 🙁

  6. I agree with ross.
    This scene is small and it will most likely always stay small. You can’t expect it to suddenly rise from peak-to-peak. And what comes for the clip, i second it. You are one of the ONLY people atm who even has an extra clip of the serie. People have literally waited decades to see this serie further and all you keep doing is adding salt to the wounds by FYIng it every now and than.

    • Well besides the strange fact that you wrote comments under 3 different names to this post….
      …..the goal to reach the 1000 subscribers by the end of the month was doable. +150 subscribers for the last 28 days is not so bad, but I had hoped for more.
      And sorry, it’s not my “duty” to post that clip.
      From 100 visitors here (and on other sides….general internet problem)…let’s say 97 just lurk and watch. They all just suck up the videos and images and that’s it.
      Well, I accept that…but regarding these folks, it’s simple:
      If you don’t invest anything (feedback, discussion, money, recommendations, ….anything…at all) you have no right to demand anything.
      I care about the other 3%, these folks motivate to do the blog.
      So I will think about a way what to do with the Eyes of the Storm video…will post something about that on the weekend.

  7. That is correct, Siggi. The Internet (or rather the people who use it) always works like this. I draw comic as an amateur in European BD style and publish on some websites. The percentage is always the same: between 5 – 20 percent of subscribers give “like” or comment. You have to accept it. The unacceptable is to demand when zero is contributed …
    I call that style (and sometimes I can be too) internet vampires, ha ha. As you know, I did not comment here before, since my English is small, but when you commented as an author and I saw that you were interested in having more contact with the subscribers, I made the effort to use my English along with the online translators to correct and assure me sufficiently correct comments in the translation.
    I hope you get to reach 1000 subscribers and that the website benefits from recommendations and more contributions.

    • 5-20%? That would be a rather really huge part in comparison to my experience…. Would be great if it would be like that here.
      Take “Heavy Gear Girls” for example… there are a lot of (interesting) posts with around 1000 views and not a single reply…no feedback, no thanks…nada.
      Or take the thread (on the same forum) for the movie I posted about (with the female astronaut). 1200 views, 6 replies…one of the author himself, and two of me….
      And that video is pure GOLD, outstanding material….

      • Perhaps in the artistic webs the percentage of involvement of the readers is greater. I don’t know.
        In any case, I think we should be happy for those who do comment and are grateful. People are like that (and I repeat that sometimes I can be one too). We see a lot of content very fast and often there is not time to stop to comment. In the case of Frogwoman, after visiting the web for a while, I feel comfortable here and I’ve seen your passion when looking for content, edit it, explain it and share it, so now I’m happy to comment and thank you for the effort.

  8. I have a crappy, buggy phone that won’t remember to autofill every now and than so i just spam random crap to get it done.

    Noone is saying it’s your duty to post. It’s just a courtesy belief that since everyone who ever made this kind of groups, shared everything for free so that we woudn’t “SOS barracuda” every clip.

    And even though i might not use any specific name here, i have contributed to this site few times with informations, recommendations and links. I even kept mentioning that most of the clips you posted and higlighted as new(excluding high-quality re-uploads, i thank you for those), have been acknowledged long time ago in uwcs or other sites. Some youtube clips even date as far as almost ten years by now.

    If you want, i could send you those videos.

    This is also why im skeptical of the VIP material. Since you give zero hints of the videos (how about preview pics, that wouldn’t hurt?), i’m afraid i might have most of the clips already

    and what comes to percentages, i won’t even bother but repeat the same: this fetish scene is small and the whole scuba peril scene is even smaller branch and it will most likely stay so, unless some Bieber comes out of his underwatercloset so that people can bandwagon it.

    • My last reply to this matter:
      You use a phone to get on my blog? Dark times…
      “I even kept mentioning that most of the clips you posted and higlighted as new”
      I never said that in general that the material I post would be new. On a few posts yes.
      And of course most of the stuff was or is on other sites or youtube….. I’m no magician who can just pull brand new scuba videos, -that no one ever saw- out of my hat.
      Once in while I post some stuff that is new. Or edited in a certain way. Which makes it “kind of” new.


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