A kids cartoon with a great scuba peril scene

Thanks to “Sam” who posted in my post about discovering a fetish as a kid, I have seen this one.

I edited the video so that it is focused on the scuba scenes of the woman.

The first scene with her is great!

She is stuck underwater, the air is running out! And she starts to panic.


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Well, normally I would say: A kids cartoon? What could possibly happen there which would be somehow sexy at all?

Well, this one told me otherwise!

The sounds she makes when she is stuck underwater…. Oh man! She is on the brink of panic.

That’s a real good scuba peril scene! Especially for a cartoon.


Two things are weird:

1–) What happened to here? I mean obviously, she had survived….but that isn’t shown at all! (If I didn’t miss something)

2–) Funny, that we hear hissing sounds as she watches her air gauge. Where do these come from?

Here is the title of the series:


The full episode can be found here:

Youtube link

What do you think of that scene?

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10 thoughts on “A kids cartoon with a great scuba peril scene”

  1. Ithi other trapped girl in question is the Wendy, the woman in the full woman mask and twin cylinders who is now about to face her fear on a mission. She is remembering a previous incident we’re she got caught underwater out of air. That said I have no idea how she got out of it.

  2. Animes can be sometimes a surprising source of scuba and astronaut fight/peril scenes. I remember the episode 9 of Jackie Chan anime beginning with an underwater scene, there’s an airhose cut in this one, even if it includes males basically. I’ll try to recover the link if I have time.

    • Damn, and the girl escapes just like that…. 😉
      But thanks for the link! Yeah, I never give much attention to animes, since I thought…well what can happen there that would a real scuba peril scene? But, yeah, I guess that was wrong…

  3. Cutting the twin hoses was pretty nasty… Trapping the scuba in his own helmet full of water, and the sound of that moaning, and those bubbles.I got hard when I saw that one. They could have played something dirty with the life jacket too, like inflating them just so the scuba could have hit the boat while being gagged up.

  4. Wow thanks for the speed of your answer lol. Beside, sorry not having answered to your previous post, but rather posting a new answer. Anywayyyyy.


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