A frogman with a really sinister plan to kill another diver! [Blog exclusive]

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There won’t be a female diver in this one… BUT… before you leave… it is a rather fantastic scuba fight/peril scene that you will see here.

And I am verrrry sure that most people will find it pretty interesting 😉

A male police diver is searching for evidence, but the evil scuba killer has special plans for him….

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And here is the video:


I placed it on google Drive as the video is very long (nearly 10 minutes) and it wouldn’t “fit” into my Youtube channel anyway

Sorry, for the temporary visible ADs in the upper right corner. Someone recommended me a site where this movie can be found and it was difficult…

Hopefully, there will be a better-quality file available someday, but the movie is hard to find as it is a French TV movie.

For me, this scene has basically just one major flaw… that no frogWOman is involved 😉

The killer and his evil plan are quite unique. Knocking him out, tieing him up, and cutting his air hose? Quite a combo!

Also, the police diver and his twin tanks are a rather rare combo as well.

I don’t fully get how his tanks and his air hoses are connected and I don’t know much about the connections with a twin-tank setup.

The bad guy slices the air hose of the hero without an instant effect. The hero just swaps his regulator and closes one valve to stop the air leak.

Does he then only gets air from one of his tanks? In that case, the bad guy would have significantly reduced the air reserves of the hero.

The second possibility I see is that his second regulator is connected to another valve. In that case… slicing the air hose… would basically have no effect at all.

Certainly, the bad guy had some fun 😉

I mean he came up with a rather perilous plan, he could have just stabbed the hero from behind after the sneaky knockout blow… but he had a more sinister plan.

The “stuck underwater” scenario somehow reminds me of a certain pilot in a Bond movie… but he was equipped much worse than this diver.

At first, I wondered why the evil diver instantly left. I mean he could have watched him drown, but ok, that would have been a risk as it was possible that more divers could have shown up.

The good guy was really lucky that his partner found him and called for backup.


In my version of the story at least one of these divers would have been a woman. Imagine a villainess completely in black attacking the hot female police diver 😉

If you wanna know what happens to the bad guy at the end of the movie:


Here is the IMDB link:


What do you think of that scene?

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2 thoughts on “A frogman with a really sinister plan to kill another diver! [Blog exclusive]”

  1. While I don’t use twin tanks I have had some training in them.
    There are two ways of diving with twin tanks, but in both cases cutting the hose essentially halved the air supply. The diver would manage their air supply such that such an event would always leave them enough time ot get to the surface (not considering getting handcuffed to the bottom)
    One approach is having two independent systems, where each regulator serves one tank but it the diver was using an isolation manifold. Under normal operation the manifold connects the two tanks so both tanks are at the same pressure without the need to regularly swap regulator. At the time of failure (hose getting cut) the diver would close the connection between the two tanks. Normally this is all they would do, though in this instance that would mean air would continue escaping from the cut hose for a minute or two before the tank in empty. It may be possible to also close off the tank, though the contol isn’t necessarily easy to reach as that is not normal procedure. he wou;ldn’t be able to access that air and the stream of bubbles could alert someone on the surface he is in trouble but I guess air continuing to pour from the hose for a minute or so would confuse the audience as to what he had done.


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