The third video shoot of “Project F” will happen on…

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…. January 29!

Well, the last few days were a bit of a rollercoaster as I tried to get a new time window for the next video shoot.

My initial plan was to get a day in February or March, but I soon learned that ….due to another public pool in the area closing permanently…. it was verrrry difficult to get any time window that was at least 5 hours. The pool is booked by…mostly…. schools, and dive clubs for basically the whole next year.

The only option left was seemingly holidays, and I thought about easter Monday (April 10) as I suddenly got an email that January 29 was practically completely available.

So, the next video shoot will take place on January 29, this time it will be 7 hours long, so I hope to get some short videos and 1-2 long videos done. (last time we had 5 hours).

That is earlier than I initially planned, but as it is 6 weeks away it leaves enough space for preparation.

And I am very happy that I got such a time slot at all 🙂

Right after Christmas, I will start looking for new participants and also ask participants that were already in videos.

I will keep you guys posted!

2 thoughts on “The third video shoot of “Project F” will happen on…”

    • I can only tell what the guy says who is responsible for the booking. Well, that pool is basically closed to the general public. But there are so many dive clubs and especially schools that wanna teach their kids how to swim. Also all sorts of courses for adults and seniors. And in comparison to other public pools… this one is much less expensive…
      And also I am looking for a block of at least 5 free hours, much more than the others need who order that one for 2 or 3 hours I imagine.


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