A female scuba diver, drugs and a….surprise! [Blog exclusive]

This one is very new as the video was released just 2 weeks ago, so I hope 99% of you folks don’t know it yet.

Story (as far as I know, haven’t seen the complete episode yet):

A desperate guy needs the help of a frogwoman to retrieve some drugs that are hidden underwater.

But, a big surprise is waiting for her underwater and the police are checking the bay as well….


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And here is the video:

….had to remove it, sorry….

You can either play it there or download it right away.

(tried to upload it to youtube, but it got blocked right away, that’s why this video is “only” on the Blog here and not on my Youtube channel)

Well, good to know they are still making at least some new scuba content 🙂

And this scene is pretty good. A nice peril moment and she looks really good in her scuba gear, underwater and on the surface!

A continuation error occurs as her regulator changes sides underwater…. 😉


In my version of this scene, the police boat would have stopped there and the guy with the beard would have gotten suspicious. He would have ordered the woman onboard to dive there and make and check if any suspicious things would go on there. She would find the dead body and our scuba lady.

The police diver would try to force her to the surface they fight each other in a long struggle. In the end, our scuba lady would cut the air hose of the police diver sending her to the surface.

While the guy on the boat gets arrested she escapes underwater.

Wanna know from which TV show and episode this is?


What do you think of this scene?

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9 thoughts on “A female scuba diver, drugs and a….surprise! [Blog exclusive]”

  1. Amazing video, she was a great character ( the lady diver from Killer Fish could have done with some of her spirit)
    she looked hot in the dive gear and seemed keen and competent despite ( from his directions) being a non diver, She wasn’t easily rattled.
    Shame that she had striped off her sexy rubber suit by the time they got back into harbour.
    Great vid though thanks for posting.

      • True but she still looked great in it.
        What we need is a modern made film ( with decent female characters) but set in the 50’s , this should give you some decent action and lack of air and all of us the best shiny black rubber Full wetsuits and double hose regs, and hopefully a removal of the gear and transformation of the lady diver/‘s
        Let’s hope David Fincher come up with something, I recon he could do it right.

        • Sounds like a good idea!
          Or perhaps another remake of Thunderball, like “never say never”. But this time with as much scuba scenes as in the original. With the same gear they used in the 60’s.
          And of course much more frogWOmen this time 😉

  2. I enjoyed the moans she made underwater, this did remind me of that scene from killer fish. did wish there were less topside scenes and more underwater scenes though

    • She looked totally amazing in Killer fish, that diving suit looked seriously hot on her. I totally agree that there should have been way more action scenes of Karen Black in her scuba gear in that movie, I was also have relished a scene of her changing in and out of her dive suit.
      Either give Karen the courage and backbone that Zoe (the woman in White Lines) had or give Zoe the diving suit that Karen had but give both of them far more screen time underwater and in their gear.

      • for sheer underwater terror, KILLER FISH cant be beaten . But Karen Black is equally stunning on the surface especially when she thrashes around in a frenzy after her dive.


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