The female diver, the male diver and the deadly cave [Scuba peril – Hall of FAME]

I stumbled upon this one quite some time ago but never posted it due to the very bad picture quality (320*240).

Luckily I found an upgrade that has at least a solid picture quality, and that’s the best we will get as this is from a Brazilian TV show.


A stunning female diver goes on a dive with a guy (husband, squeeze?).

Soon she swims in a different direction and the problems begin! Will they both survive?


(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:


*EDIT* March 2024: Video had to be uploaded to an alternative site, as it was banned from Youtube after 4 years….

Sorry for the text in the picture, that was embedded in the source video.

Ha, I am sure you didn’t expect that outcome! 😉

I don’t know why she is separating from him on purpose like that. I don’t know any of the background stories since I don’t speak Portuguese.

And it’s quite odd how fast they run out of air. Hard to tell how much time elapsed, but he realizes that she is gone rather quickly. They both should have air for around 45 minutes.

The first time she checks her air reserves she is already out, was she diving around without orientation for over 30 minutes?

However, what makes this scene so remarkable are the “sound effects”. She sucks desperately for air and I actually never heard that sound so “loud” like in here.

I would say they recorded that sound later in the sound studio and added it afterward.

Her increasing panic in combination with these sounds makes a really great peril scene in my opinion! A rare gem!

Somehow ironic that he manages to rescue her, then wanna retrieve his camera, doesn’t check his air supply before the dive, and therefore drowns later on.

Wanna know the title of the TV show?


(the episode is “capitulo 3”)

What do you folks think about this scene?

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12 thoughts on “The female diver, the male diver and the deadly cave [Scuba peril – Hall of FAME]”

  1. Tbh I hoped for that outcome. But it would be better for him being trapped in cave and the scuba lady would come for rescue 😉
    Btw I know one Danish film called Dykkerne (Divers) and there is one or two scenes with scuba girl included. It is about two boys who found a German 2WW submarine with secret project and mission. The whole film is very nice, I recommend it.

    • Thanks for the reco! I did see that movie several years back. I liked the movie but I was a little disapointed in the scenes with the scuba girl.
      I will check these scenes again, maybe they are good enough to upload them here.

      • You’re welcome!
        I can remember also a Flipper 1995 episode (series 4 episode 5) with 2 girls scuba diving. I can’t remember the whole plot but one of them later gets trapped in a wreck. Their brother (?) and the Coast guard come to rescue, the boy runs out of air during ascend.
        I’m not sure if I am correct but it is everything I remember
        But I’m quite sure all scuba scenes are worth for upload 😉 .

        • You posted a very similiar comment twice 😉
          Yeah, I guess I have seen all the scuba scenes in the new(er) flipper show at some point, but I will check that one out.
          Thanks for the reco.!

  2. I’ve only just got around now to watching this – I love the way she gives him a passionate kiss even before they go down – imagine how she would be later – they could share a sexy underwater love kiss.

  3. I really liked her gasping sounds as she is running out of air. It was exciting adding to the urgency of the situation. It brings the intensity of what she is experiencing to a higher level. To run out of air at depth or in a cave is to lose life support in an environment which she knows her body is not equipped to survive in. Scuba allows her to exist in the underwater world comfortably in a deceiving way. Because that comfort can turn into horror if the equipment fails or one runs out of air.

    I was hoping there would be some underwater love making given the passion she had as she kissed her male partner before the dive.

    That could have been used as a way to cause her air to run out quickly! It would have been extremely erotic if during their underwater love making you would see and hear her urgent breathing and moans as she orgasms! Then as she recovers in afterglow she is quickly brought back to the reality that her underwater ecstacy has caused her to be in great peril as her gasping becomes more pronounced as her male lover is still in an orgastic mental state and oblivious of his woman’s peril!

    At the last moment he snaps out of it and gives her a life savings breath! They actually both go into a panic mode as it his harder to breathe from his one tank with two air starved lungs! She starts to fight him for the regulator and he eventually must kick away from her much like the scene in the movie Sanctum.

    He sees her open mouth pleading for air and he starts to feel bad and now realized it is his love that is about to drown right in front of him! He again approaches her and she panics and fights to keep the regulator! Now he knows it’s either his life or hers! He told the regulator from her mouth and we can see her screaming out bubbles into the water and her face in total horror as he kicks her away from him. She fights to hold her breath but soon she must breathe in and we see the shock in her eyes as she draws the water inward and begins to drown.

    Her liver watched and waits for it to be over. He hasn’t seen his air gave all this time. He grabs her lifeless body and sees small bubbles escape her mouth. He begins to swim to the opening of the cave with her in tow when he starts to run out of air. He panics and tries to release her body but her gear had entangled with his. He fights to free himself but it is in vain! He is face to face with her as he starts to drown looking into her life less eyes!

    The two lovers drowned bodies drift slowly to the bottom of the cave.

    The man on the boat realizes something is wrong so he dives down to investigate. He sees the two lifeless bodies on the bottom. He tries to purge his octopus regulator in the woman’s mouth. He gets no response.

    Later on you see the woman in intensive care on a respirator. The doctor comes in to talk to the woman’s sister and tells her that her sister is unfortunately brain dead but alive and in a coma with no chance of regaining conciousness from being without oxygen for too long but one month later the visiting sister is shocked when the doctor calls her to tell her that her sister is pregnant. Her lover impregnated her just before she drowned.

    To be continued.

    Why can’t they make a movie like that?

    • Wow, that’s a massive comment! Verrrrry nice story!
      Indeed would love to see such an epic scene in a movie…but I guess it can’t be done in a mainstream movie 😉
      If I ever win the lottery and become a producer for fetish films (scuba action and masked women)…then I might take up the idea 😉


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