The beauty and her wetsuit

For today I edited a fine clip from a german tv-show. The task of the show host is to swim through the ice cold rhine (really big river).

For that she has some nice equipment 😉


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And here is the video:

*EDIT*- New link…

She has the perfect body to fill out such a great wetsuit!


Sean Connery and Claudine Auger – Underwater! – [HD]

If you like movies with scuba scenes, this movie is THE movie to watch! Until now, I hadn’t posted anything about it….because of one “problem”…. 99% of the scuba scenes are with frogMAN only 🙁 . But he one scene where a woman has the “permission” to dive is very….. sexy.

James Bond and Domino meet underwater and “scare the fish” 😉

As a bonus I included the bikini scenes of her on the beach…


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And here is the full video in HD:

If you really, REALLY (are you kidding me? 😉 ) don’t know the title of the movie:

LINK: Title

If I ever win the lottery, it would be one of my goals to do a little remake of this movie with frogwomen only (and of course the vintage scuba gear would stay) 🙂

Ah, what a dream!


Jacqueline Bisset and her white shirt underwater! (with scuba gear) – Part 1

Well, I guess 90% of you guys know this movie… if you don’t know certainly missed something for sure!

I mean: Jacqueline Bisset + (only a) white shirt + underwater + scuba gear = GREATness!

I edited and prepared this video…. in HD of course for all the details 😉


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And here is the video (around 9 minutes long!):

LINK: Jacqueline Bisset and her white shirt underwater! (with scuba gear) – Part 1

*EDIT*: Sorry, folks, youtube and dailymotion kicked it so I uploaded it on share-online, so that you can get it there.

And if you still don’t know from which movie the scene is:


Frogwoman attacked by…. antibodies! (…and breast-grabbed by humans…)

This famous scene has a lot to offer! We have a sexy frogwoman in white rubber, we have a thick rubber air hose and we have a weird scenario.

Our frogwoman is attacked by antibodies. They are all over her. So the three men have to remove them from her wetsuited body. And of course the antibodies are on her breasts as well… 😆

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And here is the video:

LINK: (Alternate link)

(Youtube and dailymotion deleted the video, so I put it up somewhere, where it can’t be deleted)

Well, that scene is sexy! And weird, and funny and….sexy!

Your opinion?


The movie title:

LINK: Title

*EDIT*: Wanna have some great pictures of Raquel Welch in that outfit?

Check this post!

Female scuba diver gets into trouble – Seaquake!

Two female scuba divers are working underwater. One of them is still underwater as a seaquake gets her into big trouble….

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And here you can witness the (scuba-) perilous video 😉 :


If you wanna know the title of the episode…don’t know know that, but the series is: