Free from the confines of the closed harbour she swam out into the forbidding aquatic wilderness. She regained control of her breathing. She had eliminated her target, killed him with one shot, but were had his mistress been? How had she gotten away? That blond slut was never far from his side in her fancy dresses draped over him like a trophy ! The greedy blond was known to have an eye for luxury and was suspected to have hidden the stolen microchips in her ear rings , that bitch would use any excuse to wear more jewellery and expensive dresses, the Harbor would have been two gritty for her sort, perhaps she was never there, regrettably it looked like that greedy blond air head had managed to vanish with 8 million $ worth of micro chips. The agent began the long swim to the far shore and safety when she noticed something moving up ahead in the gloom….. it was another diver ! Swimming eraticly ? The agent moved in for a better look.

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