The agent was seductively sipping at her drink doing her best to bewitch the barman , laughing at his comments and fluttering her eyelashes when she heard a cough behind her, she turned to see the mistress stood dripping wet and bedraggled looking.
Pretending to look curious at the sight she was surprised to see the barman had stopped smiling and was now pointing a gun at her. “ Did you really think for one second that I didn’t know who you were” said the barman , pointing at her red ear rings , “ they are quite unique and very valuable, oh and they also have a built in tracker” ( shit thought the agent of course! She had an accomplice)
I’ll take those back said the mistress yanking the earrings off the agent, right lock that bitch in the cellar we will deal with her later. You should have made sure I was dead before you swam off. You know you looked quite the part before you changed, pity you did it all for nothing. “ tie her up and throw her in the basement” I will deal with her later.

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