The mistress swam for all she was worth but lacked dive experience, the enraged agent caught her quickly, approaching from behind she quickly wrapped her legs tightly round the other woman preventing her fining and bringing her to a halt. Quickly and forcefully she reached round the mistress pining her arms in as she did so and gripping the sluts ample rubber coated breasts in each hand and dug her fingers into them as she forcefully yanked them up and down hard rucking and stretching the suit up and making it pull tight around her crotch and arse causing incredible discomfort and bunching the mistress’s rubber suit around her midriff creating pressure points in the suit at this depth and making it incredibly uncomfortable to wear and swim in. The agent could hear the mistress swearing and cursing in her mask, well she had slowed her down and softened her up a bit, now it was time to get serious and let her know she had messed with the wrong agent.

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