( mistress actor) right we have half hour till they shoot this scene and ,,,WOW!! I love your diving suit! Do you like mine? I’ve never worn anything like this before.
(Agent actress) thanks I gotta say I feel weird as hell in this get up and it really is too tight around my tits. You…. look the part.
(Mistress) well I don’t think this is approved dress code for ladies in the Barr and we may attract some attention, hey why don’t you leave your fins here and come play with me in the surf. They have bought these suits outright for the shoot so I guess we are gonna be in them for most of the shoot. This may be the only time we ever get to dress like this and it’s really giving me a thrill so come and explore with me for the next 30 minuets and break your suit in.
( agent) well when you put it like that how could I refuse.

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