VIP club: May [+the winners of the Thunderball competition]

The VIP-Club has been updated with new material, enjoy! 3 new scubalicious videos πŸ˜‰

(as always- not from a movie or a tv-series)

Wanna donate some bucks, show your support for this blog, and get really good videos in return?

                        (the picture is just a logo for the VIP Club)



And here are the winners of the free VIP months (from the Thunderball competition):

1) JokerAgainstFate (3 months)

2) Akyr (2 months)

3) Scubadude (1 month)


Thanks to all participants!

9 thoughts on “VIP club: May [+the winners of the Thunderball competition]”

  1. Competition was so easy… I’ve literally cut their airhoses and grabbed away their masks before drowning them in my posts.

    • Nice metaphor πŸ˜‰
      Well, I thought you would have more competitors. But it seems pretty hard for many to type some sentences.
      So, you had nearly won before the contest started.

  2. Which is kinda lame somehow…before coming here, I thought I was almost crazy to masturbate on such scenes, like I’m the only one around doing that and it’s a deep secret. I guess seeing someone doing such a nasty betrayal as cutting an airhose, that symbol of such a weak protection, the last wall, of someone underwater, is in the same time fucking scary and fucking exciting. Why are you into that fetish ?

    • No, you are not alone in doing that!
      In this text I explain my motivation for it:

      For a long time I only know that I really love that scene, but wasn’t 100% sure why.
      But it combines so many great elements (scuba diving, bondage (harness), betrayal (from Largo), drowning peril) .
      The first time in my life something similar happened was in a duck tales comic. In that Dagobert shows another duck (that was in fact the criminal Phantomas, which he didn’t know) his defense mechanisms of his money bin. One of them was gas.
      So they both wear gas masks in a room. Suddenly Phantomas rips off Dagoberts gas mask. He goes down unconcious…. Even as a kid I was somehow fascinated by it. Didn’t understand it fully back then of course….
      Some similiarites to the Thunderball scene.
      But the scene with Largo and the pilot is THE masterpiece. But the other scenes are awesome as well. With the perfect scuba gear (rubber wetsuit and double hoses) it shows so many great scenes.
      And even some of the divers were pretty excited (and only very few of them were gay – I suppose).
      The only thing is missing are some sexy women in that gear. But on the good side, I would have fabed myself to death by now IF they were in it… πŸ˜†

  3. Yeah, the harness too…making the symbol of being trapped, with the victim being desperatly willing to get out but to no avail, while her lungs will be filled soon. I’ve always thought that as a straight male, jerking off on scenes with scuba males was contradictory. But I guess seeing them handle such a burden as two big air tanks and going innocently in the water excites some unconscious perv part of me.

    • I jerk off to the scuba battle scenes because it is arousing to see the frogmen destroyed…..seeing the men fighting to the death and eliminating each other in scuba combat….you dont have to be gay to get hard over those scenes, or shoot your load….trust me many men have masturbated to thunderball over the years, but only some have the balls to admit the sexual excitement they feel over the battle…

  4. “But it seems pretty hard for many to type some sentences”
    Or maybe the majority of us came here to see videoclips, not to read fanfiction.

    • I know that the big majority does that, I only tried to motivate a few folks to write a little bit. And that failed more or less…
      Even in most forums it seems that 96% of the users doesn’t write/discuss at all, they just wanna to grab the stuff, 2% write something every few weeks and the rest 2% are more active.


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