Write about Thunderball and get FREE months for the VIP club!

I am interested on your thoughts on Thunderball! After some interesting comments at the start the feedback had slowed down dramatically, so I wanna offer something in return to motivate all you mute visitors ๐Ÿ˜‰



The competition is over, winners are published here.

But still, you are very welcome to comment on the pages of the Thunderball project!


7 thoughts on “Write about Thunderball and get FREE months for the VIP club!”

    • What??? That would be too great, but you need some proof….is there any point in the movie where it is even slightly visible?

  1. Yes, a few times. When the NATO frogmen jump in, when they’re swimming toward the SPECTRE frogmen, & during the fight.

    • In my eternal wisdom…ness I decided to give the places 1-3 to myself. And all the free vip-months too!
      ….just kidding. I will publish the winners tomorrow when I make the update for the VIP-club.
      And they will get a mail with the password for May.


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