Thunderball: Update #12

A new page for my THUNDERBALL project!

I try to get the final score in the battle of the NAVY divers VS the SPECTRE frogmen… with ALL scenes where divers get killed or put “out of action”! 2 huge picture galleries!

Direct link: page 12

And as always you are welcome to write your thoughts in these scenes on the pages of the Thunderball project!

9 thoughts on “Thunderball: Update #12”

  1. One of my favourite aspects of the battle is the use of spear gun’s in the battle. It looks so realistic and scary, It’s also my favourite weapon of choice when fantasising about scuba divers (mainly women) fighting underwater.

    • Yeah, they made it look indeed realistic! Good thing that the underwater production crew had so much experience from shows like Sea hunt. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Well, I prefer the unmasking and air hose cutting aspects, but I guess we all got something for our special interests…

  2. Every frogman kill is hot, I love to see the frogmen in their skintight wetsuits and great scuba gear getting nailed…..congratulations on these pics they are amazing, detailing every kill, both navy and spectre! My favourite kills are of the spectre forgmen, they are wasted in a variety of different ways, and they suffer some rather nasty deaths. The end scene where Bond fins over the seafloor, covered in the bodies of the dead spectre frogmen floating around, really sums up spectres defeat…..and makes my cock hard everytime…..

    • The best death’s are where he lures 3 of them to the deaths in a sunken boat, taking off his scuba gear and blowing them up with a bomb and when he sticks the spear in another guys mask.

  3. In the book, even Bond is wounded in the battle, a flesh wound across his stomach from a spear that slashed him as he dodged it.

    • Yeah, good scene! Thanks for the comment ๐Ÿ™‚

      For those who wanna comment in the future about Thunderball, please use the pages of the Thunderball project for doing that, I shouldn’t have allowed comments here.
      Because these posts will be buried under future posts, while the sites of the Thunderball project won’t have that problem.

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