Two women and two men in vintage rubber wetsuits (scuba diving + fight on the beach)

If you like to see women (and/or men) in vintage rubber wetsuits…you may get a little….aroused while watching this video!

….Ok, maybe more than a little ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thanks to “Mr. C” who recommended this a while ago! I managed to find that episode of a pretty rare TV series.

I mean we have around 9 minutes in which we can see (for most of the time) women and men in vintage rubber wetsuits. They dive and they fight on the beach…while still wearing these incredible sexy suits!

But let’s start with a little preview:

(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Ok, due to my non-existent Japanese I don’t really understand the background story.

But who cares if you can see such images? ๐Ÿ™‚

Ok, the underwater scene is just …nice. It is too short and nothing much happens. And everyone can see that it was filmed in a pool with some cheap lookalike “rocks”.

BUT these two women in these PERFECT scuba wetsuits….just WOW!

And when do you see scenes like this one, where two women in rubber suits wrestle with a guy in rubber on a beach???? Really spectacular!

And that sneaky guy with the spear gun…how much I envy him! He wears a great rubber wetsuit….already a great feeling! And then he gets the chance to wrestle with two women in rubber!!

I would get such a hard boner! It seems that he isn’t into rubber wetsuits…at all.

In case you wanna know from which series that is:


What do you think about this scene?

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14 thoughts on “Two women and two men in vintage rubber wetsuits (scuba diving + fight on the beach)”

  1. Pretty excellent clip. Love when she takes her hood off. And guess red wetsuit woman has a dress on underneath. Ok then. Haha.

  2. Really really loved this clip.
    Loved the vintage gear
    Loved how sexy , capable and generally bad ass those ladies looked in their suits.
    Loved the wrestling on the beach.
    Loved the adventure under water the had in their rubber suits
    And I loved the fact that despite all this they both seemed to hate wearing their rubber suits and despite looking hot sexy and adventurous in them both could not wait to strip them off and ditch them in favour of ordinary crappy impractical girly dresses!
    The fact that red even wore her dress under under a trousered rubber suit makes it even better!
    This is a fantastic clip reminds me so much of a certain commercial from my childhood.
    Congratulations on this exceptional clip.
    The world needs so much more of this!

    • Nice comment ๐Ÿ™‚
      Well, yes, that episode has a whole lot to offer. Only a scuba fight with another bad guy is missing.
      But such a fight scene in rubber wetsuits…you won’t find that in mannnnny movies ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. perfect! it’s from a tv series, but still don’t remember wich one (I’ll ask to my japanese friends, they surely know!)

  4. I loved that for the entire scene red was on the boat all rubbered up she had an evening dress on underneath her sexy suit!

  5. It amazes me that blue and red seemed more than capable of fighting him one to one on the beach in their dive suits ( a feat I doubt they could have achieved in a dress) but that they seem to hate their dive gear so much. e.g red ditches her sexy hood and gear as soon as she leaves the water but she at least was not planning to go back in the water
    ( she ditched an expensive mask hood and scuba gear as she as soon as she could knowing she would strip of the expensive rubber suit first chance she gets)
    Blue swam to their aid in full scuba gear ditching the mask regs and fins for the fight( fair enough) but at least she keeps her hood on
    ( maybe sheโ€™s into this ) but no , after the fight she abandons her expensive scuba gear mask and fins to swim back ???? Then ditches her expensive sexy rubber suit of screen the moment she emerges from the sea, even if the cylinder was empty it would have made more sense ( and been a lot quicker) to swim back with the use of her mask and fins.
    As it is we have 3 expensive sets of scuba gear mask and fins forgotten and abandoned on a beach to be washed out with the tied. And two expensive. ( and very rare for the time) rubber suits actually made for women striped off and abandoned without a second thought.
    Conclusion. These ladies must have really hated being frog women and hated wearing the rubber.

    • Well, that video seems to motivate you like none before ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Yeah, the script isn’t always very logical. ANother example: They are attacked underwater by a diver with a spear gun. They swim on the beach and it seems that they never came to the idea he might be following them….very weird! They walk around the beach and are surprised by him (again).
      Actually I was wondering why red would walk around in these hills in that rubber suit. That must have been awful hot in that suit. Of course she needed to bring the guy to safety, but that could have been done in that dress as well.

  6. I guess 60โ€™s writing really went for drama over logical plot points. And in the 60โ€™s audiences liked to see a woman finish her adventure in the arms of some guy and back in a dress.

  7. Amazing! I love specially the girl in a blue wetsuit. Those wetsuits that shine without being wet I like them a lot. Ande yes: dresses under the wetsuit are very funny ๐Ÿ˜€
    Saddly, we don’t can see the girls in complete gear: tanks, belts, and more in a complete scenes. Only a few seconds. But great clip anyway.

    The perfect scene would have been one of the wounded girls and the other helping her, but nothing is perfect: D

  8. The fight between the red and blue wetsuited girls and the bad frogman in his black rubber wetsuit is one of the best movie scenes I have seen in my life! Wow, it’s hot! Since Thunderball I love frogmen fighting between red (good) and black (bad). So here it is perfect. The bad guy in black rubber vs tow girls in red and blue rubber. The fight turns me on, unbelievable… Thank you so much for posting this clip at youtube!!


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