Two frogwomen, a dolphin and a female freediver in trouble

I was reminded about this scene by a friendly user, thanks for that!

In this one, we have a reckless female freediver, two frogwomen in FFM’s, and a dolphin.


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Ok, I admit, the frogwomen are only supporting characters in this one.

It’s really odd how she manages to get tangled up like that but ok.

It’s odd how all divers are at 100 feet when she freedives to 400 feet…. as their equipment was ready for up to 300 feet.

It’s odd why the divers don’t do anything but wait for her.

I wish the two frogwomen would have rescued her instead of the guy and the dolphin. 😉

But after all, it’s a nice underwater peril scene.

Wanna know from which episode this scene is?


To my knowledge, it’s Season 4 Episode 5, not 10 as IMDB lists it. But the title is correct.

What do you think about that scene?

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11 thoughts on “Two frogwomen, a dolphin and a female freediver in trouble”

  1. Nice scene, thanks! According to IMDB and wiki, this ep. called Free Diving is 10th in season 4. The other one I mentioned is called Saving Tom and really is 5th in he same season.

  2. I really like this one as she gets tangled and desperately needs air. The bubbles coming from her mouth are just wonderful but would be better if a female diver came to a rescue. Still I don’t want to be in this situation myself but being saved by a sexy frogwoman in a wetsuit would be gorgeous 😀 According to IMDB and Wiki this is ep 10 season 4. The one I mentioned under video with being trapped in cave was ep 4 from the same season, it’s called Saving Tom. It seems this season is full of dangerous scuba diving situations 😉

  3. Very nice, the show is a bit corny and how she got tangled I will never know, Sadly the colour of the suits were dazzling instead of sexy black , BUT! the best bit for me was, all the dive suits on all the ladies were full length front zip one piece suits and the yellow one even had a hood attached, very very sexy, that alone made this an excellent find!
    Thanks for posting. I may need to check out this show.

    • Yeah, all the suits on the show are really colorful.
      I do enjoy that they mostly use these full face scuba masks.
      And there are some nice peril moments in the show.
      I will check for more stuff that I didn’t post so far.

  4. Happy ending!
    It is the typical party of colors of the 80’s / 90’s. Blue, yellow, red wetsuits … I guess at that time divers wanted to look like exotic fish. I prefer the era when they looked like seals or orca whales 😀

    • she looked really cute even before she put on the wet-suit.

      I’m not sure if she could have ascended so quickly after diving so deeply.

  5. Another one I don’t think you’ve posted is the drysuit + FFM peril in the season 1 episode Missile Crisis.

    • Thanks! Well, I browsed through episode 1 a week ago and found that one.
      Will check every epiosde in season 2 to 4 in the next week.


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