3 frogwomen fighting for …..AIR! [Blog exclusive]

Thanks a lot for the friendly user who recommended me this short movie!

This one is rather….different but offers a lot in terms of scuba peril.

This is not my upload this time, I simply provide the link. Normally I edit some scenes together, but this wouldn’t make much sense in this case. 😉



A family (incl. 2 hot daughters) arrives at a lake where they take a little diving trip.

As they emerge from the water….something is wrong….VERY wrong.



(click to enlarge)

And here is the video (for adults only):

(don’t let yourself be scared off by that thumbnail image…the movie is really good actually!)

[SPOILERS ahead, watch the movie first!]

Ok, I admit this scenario isn’t completely new, have seen it in two movies so far actually…..BUT… this short movie handles it really well!

The horror gets real as the family members start to turn on each other. They know, the only air left to breathe is in their scuba tanks, so each of them only thinks of themself.

How can I survive just a little longer? Their most primitive survival instincts take over and they are willing to do everything to steal each other’s air supply.

I have to say…I really enjoyed seeing them fighting against each other like that. Especially as they try to steal each other regulators 😉

Of course, it would have been nice to actually see them diving beforehand, but I guess the budget for this one was really limited.

I’m not too happy about the ending as the grandma “speared” the last survivor of that family. Somehow funny, but not exactly realistic to nail her against the wall like that….and I would have liked to see her fighting over the last air tanks against some other folks.

But ok, after all… they are all doomed anyway…

One problem I got with this one is that often the air on these tanks isn’t turned on …or the tank is empty even it isn’t supposed to be. Because quite often you don’t hear the normal “hissing” sounds that these regulators make above the surface.

What did you think about this movie?

Feel welcome to leave your comments!



4 thoughts on “3 frogwomen fighting for …..AIR! [Blog exclusive]”

  1. Interesting. And it is true: the idea is not new. A Mexican movie from the 60’s already showed us two men and a woman who, emerging from a diving session, found all of humanity dead. The men then fought to get the woman.
    And in the 80’s, the French comic “La survivante” had the same story. Although this time only the woman came out of the water alive.
    But in this case the survival out of the water is interesting, since the previous productions did not show that problem of the air.

    • There is also the full-length movie “CO2” which deals with all the oxygen is gone and some folks are running around with oxygen tank for most of the movie.
      I bought the DVD as I loved the idea. But the movie is cheaply made and doesn’t offer much in terms of lack of oxygen peril.
      I only saw the movie once, so I wouldn’t recommend it.

      • The title “CO2” reminded me of the episode “H + 2 + O = dead” from The six million dollar man, which you shared here. Some filmmakers like to play around with the chemical elements in their titles. Some more inspired than others 🙂

  2. Nice little movie, very interesting idea. I liked the idea of them running round on land in their scuba gear. The only thing that would have improved it would be leave the masks on, hoods and full length wetsuit but I get that they feel most people won’t be able to tell who is is who in that scenario. This also reminds me of Steven Kings The Dome( the book ) were the air runs out of oxygen and some people are hanging on breathing old air from car tyres and one kid is trying to escape wearing his dead band oxygen cylinder.
    I like the scuba idea, it’s an idea ripe for further development on film.


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