The new Frogwoman Org Youtube channel

After my old Frogwoman Org Youtube channel got killed by Youtube I have set up a new one: Frogwoman Org Reloaded 😉

It will take some months to re-upload all videos with all the settings, but sooner or later all the videos from the old one will be on this new channel.

So, check it out, and please SUBSCRIBE to it!

(It will get a much cooler link after 100 subscribers and one month)


It took me 4 years to get to 6000 subscribers with the old one…I hope that number can be reached (much) sooner.

I’m counting on you guys!

Feel welcome to leave likes and comments 😉

10 thoughts on “The new Frogwoman Org Youtube channel”

  1. I had exactly the same thing happen to me in 2013. Youtube just deleted my channel with no explanation! I think the problem might be if you receive ad revenue. Many advertisers don’t want to be associated with adult themed material, even if in our eyes it is nothing more than pretty women scuba diving. My old channel had over 10000 subscribers, since I set up my newer channel without ad revenue, it has only just reached 5000 subscribers in 7 years! Youtube definitely push videos and channels with ads over channels that don’t.

    • Well, I got an explanation and I know I shouldn’t have uploaded that one video. My problem is that they just kill the whole channel over one lousy, rather harmless video. They could have deleted or blocked the video. Or they could have deleted the video and given me a community guideline strike for it. But they simply killed the channel… 🙁 – I will be EXTRA careful when it comes to showing certain content. I guess a woman in a bathing suit is already near the maximum that Youtube still accepts 😆 #Amish-Youtube. Well, I didn’t receive AD money on my last channel since the material I’m uploading isn’t my own, and I accept that. But still Youtube and the material’s owner earn money as they put AD’s in basically 95% of the video I upload.
      But yeah, guess you are right about Youtube pushing the channels and videos with ADs. That is where they make their money.

  2. Have you considered moving your video channel over to Osysee or BitChute, or another YouTube alternative where the algorithm can’t mess with your channel?

    • They are lost, but just for now, no need to panic 😉
      As I mentioned, I re-upload the old video every day, starting with the newer ones.
      So far everything until September 2020 is re-uploaded.
      It will take time, but everything will be back up, I have these videos.

      You should download every video 😉


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