What a way to start the year….

The 2nd post for today (+update from January 2 below)

A very sad one.

Perhaps you already wondered why the Frogwoman Youtube channel is down.

Well, today Youtube deleted the whole channel!

I am …….devasted²…….. as all those videos I uploaded for years are now just gone from the internet and my blog.

So what has happened?

I uploaded an unlisted video for the VIP club today that contained some sexual content (edit: means some partial nudity, no actual sex).

I was aware of that and activated the 18+ age restriction.

That wasn’t enough for Youtube. So what did they do?

Did they delete the video? No.

Did they delete the video and give me a strike (3 strikes and you are out)? No.

They just killed the whole channel!!!

I don’t get it!

I filled out an appeal to save the channel as one final measure I could take.

Perhaps there is a tiny chance they will decide in my favor and put it back on….but the chances are rather very slim I fear.

If it is really gone….I don’t know what to do…. yeah I could open a new channel.

But re-uploading all the content and getting all these subscribers back that I worked for to get in all those years….. I don’t know if I can find the energy to do that.

What a disaster…. and what a way to start 2022 🙁


All the content for the VIP club and the “Project F videos” are still there!

>>> *EDIT* January 2nd: <<<

So, I tried several appeals to get the Frogwoman Org Youtube channel back online….but to no success.

I got messages they would get back to me within 2 business days but I got replies only half an hour later each time.

I took a great effort to state my opinion but I only got “copy and paste” replies back that didn’t address anything I actually said.

Yeah, I shouldn’t have uploaded that video to Youtube, that was my fault and I am really angry about it!

It’s insane how weird their guidelines are sometimes…for example why doesn’t the 18+ age restriction cover…at least… simple nudity?

But I think the consequences out of uploading that one (unlisted) video are WAY too heavy. It feels like if someone unarmed robbed a pack of gum from a store and got 40 years in prison for it.

As I mentioned yesterday: Why didn’t they delete the video and give me a strike for it? That would feel reasonable and ok.

The video contained (partial) nudity but no sex or violence. And that was already enough to completely nuke the channel????

Ok, however unfair it seems to me…it’s done, there is no way back. At least not for my old channel.

But I won’t quit.

I will build a new Youtube channel, even it will take months to re-upload all these videos from all those years.

I will try to re-upload each day the videos of one month (average) starting with the new ones and going back from there.

Also as I go to all that trouble I wanna improve some things. As I am checking all these posts and videos I can make a sort of index list in which you can search for a movie title and find the link to the actual post about it. I guess that would be a great additional feature for the VIP club.

It took me 4 years to get that 6000 subscribers I had on the old channel. I hope that I will reach that number way sooner this time with some adjustments.

Yeah, it wasn’t a big channel as it only covers a small fetish in comparison to other fetishes, but I was somehow proud of it.

So, no matter how many months it will take…all these videos will be on Youtube again!

4 thoughts on “What a way to start the year….”

  1. That’s a stinker, that is! All those videos lost from the YouTube channel, some of which might have since been removed from there & no longer viewable even if you start again.

    • Well, as the video channel is gone all the videos are gone from it as well.
      I do still have at least 98% of these videos, but the amount of work to upload them all again on a new channel, make the right settings, write comments etc. is gigantic!
      The blog is nearly 9 years old by now and on average I uploaded one video each week……

    • Yeah, I thought about that and I actually have a very small channel on Dailymotion.
      But all these sites are way too small in comparison to Youtube so you can reach way fewer people with it.
      I will have to be more careful about certain content however weird these guidelines are.


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