Update on the Youtube channel + another link for you

As some of you may have seen already, I have re-uploaded the videos to the newest posts here to my new Youtube channel over the last days:


So, the new channel has 162 subscribers right now, so that is a start to get back to where the old channel was (6000).

So, please, if you haven’t already….SUBSCRIBE to my new channel!-

Today I re-uploaded 15 (unlisted) videos from “My Thunderball project”.

So, most of these videos are back up now. I would have uploaded the rest of the videos as well, but as it seems “new” Youtube channels can’t upload more than that per day.

I have started a Frogwoman Org Instagram account this week:


Not many posts for now, but it too will grow over the next weeks.

Feel welcome to check it out and subscribe to it!

Next week there will be a lot more activity here:

The trailer for the first 5 videos of Project F will finally be uploaded in the next few days.

Also, the 7th video will be available for the VIP club next Sunday.

And I wanna squeeze in a new post with a new video as well.




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