The Frogwoman and the shark [UPGRADE]

And another classic scene that deserves to get a decent UPGRADE!

This was the old post:


Today I wanna post a full HD video with proper text for this sexy scene!


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

As you can see I made some cuts in the last part of the video. Well, I wanted to keep the length of the video to a certain size and besides that, she isn’t in these scenes that I cut out.

I recommend watching the whole movie if you like movies like Jaws. This one is pretty good and it has one GREAT feature for me: A fantastic score by grandmaster Ennio Morricone which really makes this movie stand out in comparison to others of this genre (+good actors).

Ok, back to this scene.

Her whole scuba gear is pretty close to perfection to me! This vintage wetsuit just looks awesome 🙂

Ok, I would prefer a vintage double hose regulator for her, but that classic single hose regulator is very nice as well.

From today’s point of view, it looks rather….odd, that she (who is a marine biologist) is hiding between the rocks as a shark approaches. But ok, a great white shark does look menacing, even he is not nearly as dangerous in reality as in the movies. But back in the old days nearly everyone thought that all sharks would be very dangerous, especially after Jaws.

However, it’s a thrilling scene to see her squeeze herself between these rocks.

It’s a fun scene later on as well, as the rough captain yells at the diver (he thought it was a man) and she then pulls back her hood to reveal her long hair.

Yeah, that sight of her in that wetsuit made him speechless for a moment.

Who could blame him? 😉

Charlotte Rampling did look pretty good back then. She was around 30 as the movie was shot, and that wetsuit is just very sexy.


In my version, she would hide from the shark as well but would damage her air hose as she would leave the rocks. Even that would be hard to do in a realistic fashion. Perhaps it got stuck there 😉

So, with the shark close by and her losing a lot of air…. you would have a little more thrill! 😉


Here is the title of this movie:


What do you think of this scene?

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5 thoughts on “The Frogwoman and the shark [UPGRADE]”

  1. Holy crap ! That’s about as perfect and sexy as it gets, both above and below the waves,
    The is is up there with Karen Black in Killer Fish and the Stowaway Perfume TV commercial, women divers don’t get much sexier than this .
    I would love to know how ms Rampling felt about wearing this costume for the film but I can’t seem to find anything on it.
    This HD footage is excellent. Thanks for posting.

  2. Did you know that this is not Charlotte Rampling’s first movie wearing a full length vintage black wetsuit.
    She also wears one in the film The Knack and How To Get It.

    • Hah, I checked that one some weeks ago.
      Sadly it is black and white, which always heavily impacts my enjoyment…. but still, I will make a post with it in the near future. 😉


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