The Frogwoman and the shark

I have another fine scene edited for you guys!

A diver in a nice 60’s rubber wetsuit dives along the screen…..wait, to be precise…. a frogwoman!

But soon, a shark, a great white has spotted her….She tries to hide, but…..well, you can watch the video to see how it ends….

Some pics:

And here is the whole sexy video (including a scene with her above the water):


New post here:

And in case you wanna know the title of the movie:

LINK: The Title

In my opinion the near perfect scuba gear for a sexy frogwoman. I would prefer a double hose regulator to this single hose, but well…it’s great!


4 thoughts on “The Frogwoman and the shark”

      • I just found out that that sexy underwater scene wasn’t even Charlotte Rampling!
        It was Valerie Taylor ! Valerie and her husband Ron had been contracted to do the live shark scenes for this film and part of the contract was to be Charlotte’s frog woman stunt double.
        Point of note the white shark in this scene was actually killed as part of the filming and it was this event that haunted Valerie to the point of campaigning for white sharks to be a protected species. ( I got her biography for Christmas)
        The woman just goes up and up in my estimations.


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