Black Widow – Female diver runs out of air! – [Hall of Fame – UPGRADE]

(….not the movie with Scarlett Johansson 😉 )

Time to make another UPGRADE post with one of the best scuba peril scenes!

The old one had an SD video with about 4 minutes and basically no text.

Now I wanna present you with an HD video with over 7 minutes and a proper text alongside it!

If you don’t know these scenes already…I do envy you!

Let’s start with some preview pictures:

(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

(wasn’t welcome on Youtube in the past)

Damn, I love that scene! So thrilling, so sexy!

Actress Theresa Russell, here “Catharine, the villainess”, looks gorgeous. Those legs in that high-cut wetsuit top…. oh boy….

Even though, the damn BCD vests are annoying and are obscuring the view.

Debra Winger, here “Alexandra” does a great job here as well.

I love the moment where she realizes that she doesn’t get any air anymore (or very little) and desperately sucks on her regulator.

She checks her air supply, and the pressure gauge shows that she should have air left.

She should now check immediately for her buddy and then make an emergency ascend when she doesn’t see her.

She just grabs onto her mouthpiece and slowly ascends, but ok, she has no scuba experience… no wonder she behaves like that.

The struggle between the two is cut sometimes a little odd, but it’s very intense and very sexy for me.

I’m still not 100% sure if Alexandra pulls out her own regulator or if Catharine is yanking it out of Alexandra’s mouth.

Pretty sure it’s the latter, as we can see Catharine’s hand reaching for it, before the cut.

The moment as Alexandra is without her regulator and both are staring at each other… awesome! Her villainous eyes starring at her victim….

Catharine hesitates for a long moment before she finally gives her her regulator….. very interesting 😉


Some backstory for those who don’t know the movie (you should watch it):

Minor spoilers ahead!

Catharine has the habit of marrying rich guys who then mysteriously die under weird circumstances 😉

Alexandra works for the FBI and investigates.

The two become friends more or less.

Catharine finds out that Alexandra is working for the FBI…. before this scuba scene.

So, she manipulates Alexandra’s scuba gear (not shown) so she would run out of air before her pressure gauge would show that.

So, we can speculate a little on Catharine’s moves after Alexandra runs out of air.

I would say she tries to stop her from ascending as she wants to drown her to get rid of her.

Catharine then fights so that Alexandra can’t ascend. It’s hard to say how far they are down….perhaps Alexandra wouldn’t have a chance, hard to say.

In the magic moment as Alexandra is without her regulator I think Catharine is thinking about what to do.

I mean she is the one who still has air and Alexandra is about to drown quickly.

In my opinion, Alexandra has then a change of heart and gives Alexandra her life-giving regulator.

A decision that she might regret later on… 😉

After that Alexandra suspects that her scuba gear was manipulated….

One of my absolute favorites!

Great job by the sound department here as well. Love the sounds during the struggle 🙂


In my version, the finale of the movie would have been a scuba fight between the two…. a scuba fight to the death!

Here is a nice poster:


Here is the IMDB page of the movie:




I don’t know how it was handled in the 80s, but nowadays two newly certified divers shouldn’t/wouldn’t go on a dive alone.

They would need an experienced diver on their side.

And they also should have been at the surface again with that kind of oxygen reserve…but ok…

A short anecdote about the first time I saw this movie:

I was on holiday on some Mediterranean island in the mid-’90s as a teenager and it was late and the TV in the hotel room was on.

You could see several German TV stations there.

And there I saw a trailer from a TV station for this movie several days before the airing.

And the scuba scene was shown there as well, ok, only bits of it….but these bits got me excited big time!

I couldn’t wait to see that movie…. back then, TV airings, cinemas, and VHS tapes were the only chance to see such scenes.

What do you think of that scene?

Leave your comment below!

12 thoughts on “Black Widow – Female diver runs out of air! – [Hall of Fame – UPGRADE]”

  1. One of the best scenes, and defenitely one of my favorites. Thanks for the quality upgrade 🙂
    One thing that has always bothered me, is that, after surfacing, Alex says ‘gauge says half full, how come there is no air in it?’
    Earlier, underwater, we see the gauge showing 500psi. In what world is 500 half full?? 😀 😀
    Nitpicking, i know, but i notice these things. Great clip nontheless 🙂

    • Yeah, I think that was an overstatement from her to underline her anger that she didn’t get any air with the gauge saying otherwise.

  2. Agree, it’s a great scene, the girls look amazing in a french cut wetsuit. I wonder what your final scene for this movie is.

    • Perhaps some evidence of her killing these men would be hidden underwater (for some reason).
      Alexandra would make a dive to retrieve it, but Catharine would follow her and we could have a nice scuba battle! 😉
      Catharine would rip off Alexandra’s mask and would have an advantage. Later Alexandra would slice Catharine’s air hose, expecting her to ascend to the surface where she could be arrested.
      But Catharine would try frantically to steal the regulator from A..
      They would struggle for a while over the one regulator until Catharine would finally drown.

      • It inspired me to my version.

        My version
        The girls dive together to the sunken yacht. There is evidence in the yacht. Cahetrina knows this. Alex has to take off his gear to get inside. Catherine removes air from Alex’s cylinder. Alex sees bubbles through the yacht window and knows she’s in trouble. She comes back and surprises Catherina. Alex takes off her mask and the regulator wins. Catherine is drowning. Alex takes her gear and she comes to the surface.

        They can switch roles.

        Of course Catherina and Alex in a french cut wetsuit.

        The colors of the jackets must be the same and match the wetsuit. But these are the details.

        They might also have gloves, a pipe and a watch.

        • Yeah, not bad at all! 🙂
          What do you mean by “cylinder”? The scuba tank?
          Well, it takes quite some time to empty it, depending on the method.
          But if she simply slices the regulator hose, Alex couldn’t use it anyway.

  3. My perverse eyes notice especially the ascending scene, both the woman going commando, no bikini.

    My version on this scene is a little bit selfish, I incorporated myself on it ?. I was scuba diving in full wetsuit and scuba with camera doing a underwater photography, I notice a distress female diver alexandra having trouble. I immediately swam to her, but suddenly her former dive bddy Catherine appeared to me, with her dive knife on her hand trying to stab. There’s a struggle on both of us. But I would not hurt her, so I used my strength to disarm her dive knife. Then yank her mask and regulator. Then inflate her BC to force in the surface. Then immediately proceed to alexandra giving my regulator to her, and we surface.

    • Well, normally women would maybe try to hide their bikini slips under the suit, even that isn’t easy under such suits with that cut.
      And I guess the actresses would be more comfortable with something underneath.
      Inflating her BCD could be very dangerous, depending on the depth and her reaction to it…. 😉
      But a nice version as well!


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